Share R Story N Experience!!

Share your story and experience!

Share your story and experience!This page is being set up to add another dimension to this site. What I’m looking for are guest posts of your experiences in the world of the missing.

1). Are you a family member who is missing a loved one? Are you seeking justice for a murdered loved one? Then you’re invited to post your photos, videos (you’ll have to share URL links to them), and text right on this page. And you can stay anonymous. Just don’t share anything that Law Enforcement has asked you to not reveal, because it would interfere with an investigation. Share what emotional and spiritual impact your difficult experience has had on you. And share what we need to know to bring your loved one home. To find justice for your loved one.

2). Are you an advocate in the world of the missing? You’re welcome to share cases you’re working on. But don’t share any sensitive information that would hinder an investigation. Feel free to share the emotional and spiritual impact of your advocacy.

3). By no means is this “my website only.” The goal is to add other voices to mine. I don’t want this to be a one-dimensional website. Any voice in the world of the missing is welcome to post here, as long as you show respect, don’t use profanity, take God’s Name in vain, or defame anyone.

4). Prefer to use your name and not be anonymous? Then please provide a brief author bio. A little information about yourself. And feel free to add up to three links. Maybe a few more. Try to add a personal photo of yourself so people can see who is writing the guest post.

5). When you are done with your draft, add it where indicated. I will get it on my end. And I’ll look it over. And I may edit it lightly. But never to change the meaning! If you want to review my posting of your guest post, give me your email by contacting

6). Happy posting!


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