Identify Victim Annie Doe!

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Identify Victim Annie Doe!

Identify Murder Victim Annie Doe!

Identify victim Annie Doe!
She was found deceased almost 46 years ago.
She was a teen or young women whose life was snuffed out.
How can she end up so long without her name?
Who is she?
And how did she die?

Identify Victim Anne Doe!

Identify victim Annie Doe! This unidentified female was found in Josephine County, Oregon. Her estimated age at death was between ages 14 to 25. She is known as Annie Doe in the world of the missing. Annie Doe was a Caucasian female. At minimum, her age could have been 14 at death. Her maximum age could have been 25 years old. Anne Doe’s ethnicity is unknown. Investigators have estimated her weight to have been approximately 125 pounds. They have estimated her height to have been approximately 5’4″ (64 inches). All Annie Doe’s body parts are marked as recovered. Her remains were almost completely skeletonized. She probably died between the years 1970 to 1971. It is possible that her remains have been in the area for months before discovery.
ME/C Case Number: 71-940

Identify Victim Annie Doe!

Annie Doe’s remains were discovered in Josephine, Oregon, on August 19, 1771. Her remains were found off Redwood Highway near Mile Post 35. The remains of this Caucasian female were discovered in a wooded area. This area was directly off the Redmond Highway in Josephine County. Annie Doe was found near the Oregon-California border. Annie Doe was fully clothed. She had distinctive jewelry. This victim’s hair color was auburn with dyed blonde streaks. Body and facial hair are unknown. Annie Doe’s eye color and description is unknown. Annie Doe seems not to have had known scars, birthmarks, piercings, or tattoos.

Below is a 3-D reapproximation done by Joyce Nagy in 2004

Identify Victim Annie Doe!

Below is a picture of gold-buckled shoes found with this victim.

Identify Victim Annie Doe!

Below is the photo of a beige and pink coat fabric with button, found with this victim.

Identify Victim Annie Doe!

Below is a photo of a beige and pink coat found with this victim.

Identify Victim Annie Doe!

Below is a photo of the Knife found in the vicinity where the decedent was discovered with this victim.

Identify Victim Annie Doe!

Below is a picture of a mother-of-pearl ring with braided band found with this victim.

Identify Victim Annie Doe!

Identify Victim Annie Doe!
Clothing And Accessories

What was this victim wearing when her remains were found? Annie Doe was wearing a checkered pink and beige waist length coat with a belt. She was also wearing a tan and beige, long-sleeved turtleneck shirt with a zipper. Annie Doe was wearing the shirt with a zipper in back. Her white bra was the “LOVABLE” brand. Its size was 34B. This victim was wearing blue denim “WRANGLER” brand jeans. They were size 13-14 misses slim. Her underwear was striped with white, purple, and blue.

Identify Victim Jane Doe!
More Clothing And Accessories

What else did this victim wear when she was found? What did she have with her? On her feet, Annie Doe was wearing “PRIMSTYLE” brand brown shoes. Her shoes had square toes and medium height heavy heels. And her shoes had straps and gold buckles. Her shoe size was 8 1/2. Annie Doe was wearing a ring with mother-of-pearl stone and braided silver band. The letters “AL” were scratched into the face of the white stone. She was wearing a regular “friendship” band with diagonal decorative chevron-like scoring along the band. This “friendship” band was silver and size 6 1/2. It bore a stamp “M-M” with two rings total.

What else was found with Annie Doe? She had 38 cents in change. The oldest coin was from 1970. Also found was a map of Northern California recreational sites

Identify Victim Annie Doe!
Ruled Out Matches

Annie doe has remained unidentified for almost 46 years. Over the lengthy time period, many efforts have been made to match her with other deceased or missing persons. DNA testing has ruled out the following individuals as matches for Annie Doe.

First Name Last Name Year of Birth State LKA
Mary Amos 1932 California
Denise Anderson 1948 California
Gloria Baird 1946 Georgia
Joyce Brewer 1955 Texas
Niki Britten 1953 Oregon
Mary Brosley 1937 Massachusetts
Babara Bryson 1951 Oregon
Sandra Conway 1953
Alexis Duggan 1951 Florida
Christine Eastin 1952 California
Sharon Giusti 1943 Washington
Robin Graham 1952 California
Janet Kramer 1957 Minnesota
Janet Kramer 1957 Minnesota
Cindy Mellin 1950 California
Jeannette Miller 1953 Washington
Debra Pscholka 1958 California
Gloria Rieken 1951 Minnesota
Denise Sheehy 1954 New York
Martha Shelton 1944 Kentucky
Mary Ann Switalski 1946 Illinois

Last year, in 2016, NCMEC released a video about updates in the Annie Doe investigation.

Identify Murder Annie Doe!
How We Can Help

This young woman, maybe a teen girl, needs her name back. She became unidentified before the discovery and before DNA. Somewhere, someone is missing her and wants to know where she is and what happened to her. Someone (s) knows about how Annie Doe ended up as she did. Someone (s) knows who she is. Don’t give up sharing until massive publicity causes someone (s) to come forward what what they know. Do you have information about Annie Doe? Have any idea what happened to her? Who she is? You are advised to contact the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office. Call them at: (541) 474-5128 or 9-1-1.

Case Manager
Name Veronica Vance
Phone 971.673.8300
Regional Administrator
Name Jessica Hager
Phone 1-855-626-7600

The top UPDATED photo is courtesy of Carl Kippelman.

THe above information and stand-alone images are courtesy of this unidentified person’s NamUs Database.

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