Identify St. Louis Murder Victim!

Unidentified Murder Victim, Cold Case

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Identify St. Louis Murder Victim!

Identify St. Louis Murder Victim!

Identify a St. Louis murder victim!
This victims has been without justice
For about 34 years!
And for 34 years a family has had no answers
And a killer (s) has gotten by with murder!

Identify St. Louis Murder Victim!
Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP)

Identify St. Louis Missouri victim! FIrst of all, her case is investigated through a unique program. It is called the Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP). This program is through the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). ViCAP cases are hosted on the FBI’s website and in their database. The program has been set up to gather data and analyze it. ViCAP has been created to do this concerning homicides, sexual assaults, and missing persons. And ViCAP investigates violent crimes concerning unidentified victims.

Identify St. Louis Murder Victim!
Her Details

The victim was found in St. Louis, Missouri. And she was found on February 2, 1983. At the time, she was wearing a V-neck long sleeve yellow sweater. The victim was an African-American female. And she was an unidentified minority child. Her estimated age is between eight to eleven years old. Her estimated height is between 4’10” to 5’4″ tall. And her estimated weight is 58 pounds.
Agency Case #: 83-29584

Identify St. Louis Murder Victim!

Where and how was she found? On February 28, 1983, the victim was found in a basement. The building the basement was in was abandoned. And it was in St. Louis, Missouri. It was estimated that this unidentified child had been in the basement for approximately four day. And she was decapitated (beheaded). This victim had two coats of red and purple fingernail polish on her hands. And she was wearing a V-Neck long sleeve yellow sweater.

Identify St. Louis Murder Victim!
We Can Make A Difference

For 34 years, this girl has been without her name. And for this same length of time, her family has had no answers about what happened to their loved one. Someone (s) has literally gotten by with murder for a least 34 years. Unidentified people rarely get any publicity. It is up to us to spread the word about her unsolved murder.
And someone (s) knows something! Our shares can reach them and motivate them to come forward. Are you the one who has any information about this unidentified victim? Refer to the italicized text below.

To provide or request additional information, please contact:
– Det. Daniel Sweeney, St Louis Metropolitan Police Department, MO,
(314) 444-5371 x5826, – FBI ViCAP, (800)
634-4097, –
Contact ViCAP for information on how your agency can obtain access to the ViCAP Web.
National Crime Database and view this case.
Appendix A
Violent Criminal Apprehension
Program (ViCAP)
Alert # 2014-06-02; Released 06/18/2014; CN
To review other ViCAP Alerts, please visit FBI ViCAP Cases.

The above photos and additional information are provided courtesy of The Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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