Identify Philadelphia Jane Doe!

Unidentified Female, Death Investigation

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Identify Philadelphia Jane Doe!

Identify Philadelphia Jane Doe!

Identify Philadelphia Jane Doe!
She was found deceased nearly two years ago and
Not only was her life taken away.
So was her name; who is she?

Identify Philadelphia Jane Doe!

Identify Philadelphia Jane Doe! She was found deceased on October 16, 2015. She was found deceased in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her estimated age is between 30 to 60 years old. She was an African-American female. Philadelphia Jane Doe’s estimated weight was 180 pounds. Her estimated height was 5’7.” This Doe’s hair is described as black with gray. She is described as having black and gray chin hair. Her eyes were brown. Her ears were pierced with clear stone earrings.

At her discovery, Philadelphia Jane Doe wore a blue headband. She wore a Covington brand extra-large brown suede jacket. It had a tan fleece interior. She also wore a Rogue brand 3 times extra-large black shirt. Philadelphia Jane Doe also wore a Hanes brand 2 times extra-large black t-shirt. She wore El Style brand 3 times extra-large gray sweatpants. She wore Just One brand Multicolor-patterned spandex-like trousers. Philadelphia Jane Doe also wore pink patterned underwear. She wore Levi brand black low-cut sneakers. they were size 6 .SUS.

At her discovery, Philadelphia Jane Doe wore clear stone stud earrings. She also wore a Casio watch with white face and a black band.

Identify Philadelphia Jane Doe!

This woman was found deceased at the Delaware River at Market Street. She was found in the City and County of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When she was found, her body was observed floating in the Delaware River. This is located in the Phila Banks. The person who discovered her, called “by-standards,” had called 9-1-1. The Philadelphia Police Marine Unit retrieved the body from the water. They transported it to Philadelphia Coast Guard Headquarters. This Doe had been in the water for less than one day. Investigator determined this by referencing temperature and skin condition.

Identify Philadelphia Jane Doe!
Please help

No one even knows how this woman died. But how did she end up without her name? Somewhere, some family, friends and a community are missing her. They want to know her whereabouts. And they want answers. For at least two years, they have been living a nightmare. Can Philadelphia Jane Doe be matched with a missing woman who vanished two years ago, or earlier? To try to match an unidentified person with a missing person, there are two websites set up for that. You can visit the Doe Network or NamUs. Both websites have databases of unidentified people and missing people.

Do you have information about Philadelphia Jane Doe? Do you recognize her? Please contact the Philadelphia County Medical Examiner’s Office. Contact them at: (215) 685-7458 or 9-1-1.

Case # 15-4298. NamUs UID# 14732

Philadelphia Jane Doe’s information source.

The above photo and additional information are courtesy of LostNMissing, Inc.,

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