Identify One Woman! ***(UPDATE: IDENTIFIED)***

Update, Identified

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***UPDATE*** IDENTIFIED! Check out update below. (Her case is still not fully solved).

Identify One Woman!

Identify one woman!
Not all those without names are people found dead.
This woman is living!
She doesn’t know who she is!
Who is she?

Identify one woman!
The Woman

Identify one woman! She was found near Fresno County, California. Who does this lady think she is? According to police in Fresno County, she claims she is a mermaid. Her name is Joanna. This woman was discovered without clothes. Mostly. At the time, her hair was wet. On both her feet, her toes are webbed. According to police, she responds “I don’t know” to most questions. But she does claim to have spent time in the water.

Identify One Women!
More Details

Give a name 2 one unidentified woman! Who is the woman named Joanna? Police tell us her estimated age is between ages 16 and 30. This lady stands 5’4″ tall and weighs 150 pounds. Both her hair and eyes are brown. She was wearing a black sports bra when she was found. Upon being found, she had been walking. Her walk was in the middle of the street. On Millerton Road (Friant Road). That was about a mile south of Table Mountain Casino. The casino is close to the intersection of Millerton Road and Brighton Crest Drive. The intersection across from the Eagle Spring Golf & Country Club. When? She was found at 3:15 A.M. Tuesday, on April 4, 2017.

Identify One Women!
A Real-Life Mermaid?

Identify one woman! Are mermaids real? This woman is claiming she is. Clearly, she needs her identity. We don’t know her story or what in her life brought her to this situation. She’s a prime example of a living unidentified person. This is a person who either doesn’t know who she is. Or it’s someone whose biological family has not claimed them. It can be both. In my social networks, I have encountered two of such people. One was finally identified. The other? I’m not sure what happened. But this woman must have a family somewhere. Can she be matched with a missing woman? Who fits her description? Can anyone make a match?

Identify one woman! If you have any information that can identify this woman? Please contact the Fresno County Sheriff’s office: 559-600-3111. The rest of us? Freely share her poster and information. Until we reach the person able to identify her!

Read the article about this case.


This woman is no longer unidentified. She has been given back her name.The woman, found walking along a road, was confirmed identified. This is what the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office tells us. How have they figured out her identity? The identity of the woman found on April 4, 2017? She’s a lady 33 years of age. They found that she’s from the state of Virginia. Because of constraints of confidentiality, they’re not releasing her name. She may be a crime victim. This is all the more reason to protect her privacy.

A tip broke this case wide open. Someone submitted a tip to detectives on Wednesday afternoon. THey spoke with relatives who live out of the area. What did detectives learn? This lady had made travel arrangements. She flew to Fresno last week. The woman was visiting to see, checking it to see if she’d like to move there some day. These detectives are still looking into her case. They keep on gathering information and figuring out who she had encountered during her days in Fresno County. And they’re setting up a reunion between her and her family and friends.

How was this woman identified? Recall that this lady was found walking in the middle of Millerton Road. Near the entrance to Millerton Lake. Just outside the town of Friant. A motorist, concerned about her safety, reported the woman to law enforcement. Then she was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation. Detectives could not learn her name. Nor could they learn who her family members are. That’s because she didn’t answer their questions with clarity. Nor did she have a Driver’s License or Identification card on her.

Investigations sometimes change hands. The Fresno Police Department had been the original investigators on this case. It was on Wednesday that they turned it over to the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office. That is because of this woman was found in their jurisdiction.

This lady was identified. She was given back her name. But her story and case are not over. The investigation continues because she’s a suspected crime victim. So do you have any more information about this woman? Please contact the Sheriff’s office: (559) 600-3111.

The photo and information, including the UPDATED information, are provided courtesy of Locate the Missing. I’m not a partner of or affiliated with Locate the Missing.

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