Identify Monmouth County Newborn!

Unidentified Victim, Suspicious Death, Cold Case

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Identify Monmouth County Newborn!

Identify Monmouth County Newborn!

Identify Monmouth County newborn!
When she left the the comfortable world of her mother’s womb
Her life was soon snuffed out.
And she also lost her name.
Who is she? Can you identify her?

Identify Monmouth County Newborn!

Identify Monmouth County newborn! This infant was found deceased in Monmouth County, New Jersey.
The baby is female but her race could not be determined. She was found on November 11, 2014. It’s determined that her minimum age was newborn (0 years) And her maximum age was under a year (0 years). This baby’s estimated weight at time of discovery was seven pounds. Her estimated height was 21 inches. Her hair was black. The color of her eyes could not be determined.

Identify Monmouth County Newborn!

Detectives from the New Jersey State Police hope that a composite sketch will help identify her mother. This sketch is of a full-term, newborn infant. The Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office also share the same hope. This newborn’s remains were discovered among trash. The trash and the baby’s remains were at a recycling center in Farmingdale, Monmouth County. Two blood-stained blouses were discovered. A bag from a retail store area in Orange, New Jersey was also found near the remains. The old blouses had no tags. But their size could be characterized as petite to medium. Both the clothing and the bag are believed to be connected with the mother of the infant.

Identify Monmouth County Newborn!
How to Help

How did this infant end up deceased and without her name? Police also seek to identify her mother. Available information indicates that foul play was involved. Only if she’s identified can these questions be answered. If this is a murder, it can’t be prosecuted unless she is identified. And there are those who loved this baby when she was in utero. They need answers. It’s doubtful, but possible, that she can be matched with a missing infant from about 2010 to 2014. But this poor baby’s life was snuffed out before she had a chance to live it. To get her justice, she has to be identified. Do you have information that can identify her? If so, contact information is below.

If info, please call the Monmouth County Medical Examiners Office at 732-577-8790 or 9-1-1.

You can try to match her with a missing baby from around 2010-2014. Click here to begin. OR Click here instead.

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NamUs Database

Case number H190
NamUs UP # 13744

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