Identify Juvenile Jane Doe!

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Identify Juvenile Jane Doe

Identify Juvenile Jane Doe!

Identify Juvenile Jane Doe!
She was found over 6 years ago.
But she may have died two years earlier.
She is someone’s missing child.
Right now, some family is missing her.
Who is this Jevenile Jane Doe?

Identify Juvenile Jane Doe!
What Is Her Name?

Juvenile Jane Doe! Who is she? We don’t know. What is known is that her skeletal remains were found on January 28, 2012. Someone found her remains in a small creek. Where? They were located at a trailer park on Hurst Street in Opelike, Alabama. Residents had observe a skull on the premises. Later investigators determined that the remains belonged to a young African-American girl. She may have been four to seven years of age. This girl had medium length black hair. It was styled in small, tight curls. Also found were a long-sleeved pink shirt with heart buttons and ruffles on her neckline. These were found near her remains.

Identify Juvenile Jane Doe!
More Facts

Investigators see signs of abuse and malnourishment. Juvenile Jane Doe’s cause of death isn’t determined. But they believe her to be a homicide victim. Her death likely occurred between 2010 and 2012. Her teeth are underdeveloped. They’re believed to be too small for her face. A forensic reconstruction of the girl’s appearance was done. It was based on her skeletal remains. And it is seen in her poster. Additionally, the poster also shows composites. They’re of a reconstruction that resembles a digital photograph. It resembles what Juvenile Jane Doe might have looked like at the time of her homicide.

Identify Juvenile Jane Doe!
What Happened to Her?

It seems that no one has been able to identify Juvenile Jane Doe. Below, I have linked to a more updated article. Additional information is provided by the article. OPD Cap. Shane Healey was talking about updating her information to help identify her. Healey says that no one has come forward with information about any missing child. That resembles this child. He says: “We ask anyone in that neighborhood [1700 block of Hurst Street]. And from any time frame between 2008 to 2012. WE ask them to think back to kids who were out playing in the neighborhood. And we want them to remember if she lived in one of the trailers or housing projects nearby.”

Identify Juvenile Jane Doe!
Help Give Her Back Her Name!

This unidentified child needs her name back! Can she be matched with a missing child between the ages four to seven age range? Law enforcement officials are seeking information that can leading to finding out her she is. They need our help. If we aren’t in the position to identify her, we can freely share her poster. And do so until we reach the person who holds the key to giving this child back her name. And if you have any information? Contact your local FBI Office or your nearest American Embassy or Consulate. You can contact Opelika Police Department Investigative Services Division at (334)705-5220. Contact Secret Witness Hotline at: (334) 745-8665 or the FBI Mobile Field Office: (251) 438-3674.

Find your local FBI office,

Juvenile Jane Doe has a FBI page. Click here to view it.
Photo and information provided courtesy of Federal Bureau of Investigation
Additional information provided by this.
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Click here to read this article of this unidentified child.

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