Identify John Doe #29!

Unidentified, Crimes Against Children

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Identify John Doe #29!

Identify John Doe #29!

Identify John Doe #29!

Identify John Doe #29!
Crime-Fighting Initiative: Background

Identify John Doe #29! First of all, what is this all about about? How does he fit into things? The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are partnering with National Center of Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). The FBI and NCMEC have, since February 21, 2004, set up a new initiative. It’s an effort to help solve crimes against children. They have launched a program called the Endangered Child Alert Program (ECAP).

What is this program? It is a new form of child advocacy. ECAP seeks to Figure out the names of unknown persons. Why? These individuals are suspected to be involved in sexual abuse of children. Or they’re believed to be participating in the production of child pornography. The FBI and NCMEC co-operate in this effort to fight crimes against children. ECAP tries to give these these unknown persons exposure. National and worldwide. Thus they call these persons John and Jane Does. Their faces and unique traits have been detected in child pornography images.

Identify John Doe #29!
Who Is this Unknown Individual?

Law enforcement (LE) are looking for information about a person they call John Doe #29. LE believe that this unknown individual may possess critical information that could lead to identifying a child victim. They are actively investigating this child victim’s case. The images of this unknown person have been known to NCMEC since January 2008. So we’re dealing, actually, with two unidentified persons. A witness and a victim.

John Doe #29 is a male with a tan complexion. LE estimate his age to be between 30 and 45. This person has dark hair. Additional images relevant to the investigation include: images depicting him him as wearing a silver ring on his left finger. The victim, apparently pictured with him, was wearing a blue and white Velcro Nike brand tennis shoes. And the background where the images were taken. The unknown man is seen wearing a white, black and red shirt. With what looks like a design and/or writing on sleeves.

There is a Spanish poster.

Identify John Doe #29!

There is a Portuguese poster.

Identify John Doe #29!

Identify John Doe #29!
Help Solve A Case

Two unidentified persons. One a witness. One a victims. We can help. If we don’t know anything about them, share the posters and story. If anyone has information on John Doe #29, the FBI asks that you contact a Crimes Against Children Investigator. Or contact your local Embassy or Consulate. You can contact your local FBI office. I have s link to the FBI page with contact info for their field offices.

Locate your local FBI office.

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