Identify Glasgow Jane Doe!

Unidentified Young Woman, Death Investigation

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Identify Glasgow Jane Doe!

Identify Glasgow Jane Doe!

Identify Glasgow Jane Doe!
She has been without her name for 50 years.
But she isn’t a Doe; she has a name.
Who is she?

Identify Glasgow Jane Doe!

Identify Glasgow Jane Doe! She is an unidentified female. She was found deceased on March 16, 1967. Glasgow Jane Doe was found in Glasgow, Delaware. At her discovery, this Doe’s estimated age range was between 18 years old and 25 years old. Glasgow Jane Doe was a Caucasian female. Her estimated weight was 110 pounds. She was approximately 5’2″ tall. This doe’s hair was dark brown. It was tied back. Her eye color is unknown. Glasgow Jane Doe had a vaccination scar on the front of her left thigh. She had no known birthmarks or surgical scars.

Identify Glasgow Jane Doe!

Glasgow Jane Doe, when found deceased, had natural teeth in good dental repair. It’s believed that she saw a dentist about six months to a year before she died. The lobules of both her ears were pierced. When found, Glasgow Jane Doe wore a styled blue bikini style panties. They bore no label or tag. She had a red ribbon in her hair. This Doe’s body was in a 24″ by 36″ white cloth Laundry bag. It bears the following visible markings: “Bag O – Storage American Laundry Dry Cleaning EX4 5277.”

Glasgow Jane Doe’s body was discovered in a laundry bag. She was found on Saturday, March 18, 1967. Glasgow Jane Doe was found near Bear/Glasgow, Delaware. She was clad in blue bikini style panties. Reportedly, she was the victim of an illegal abortion.

The following people have been ruled out as being matches for Glasgow Jane Doe:

First Name Last Name Year of Birth State LKA
Ida Anderson 1937 Michigan
Audrey Backeberg 1942 Wisconsin
Patricia Blough 1946 Indiana
Sandra Breed 1948 New York
Linda Britton 1944 Ohio
Peggy Byars-Baisden 1941 Florida
Brenda Howell 1943 California
Johanna Johanna de Haas 1936 Delaware
Lynn Luray 1948 California
Pamela Nater 1946 Florida
Donnis Redman 1943 California
Alice Reeves 1947 Louisiana
Mary Ann Switalski 1946 Illinois
Mary Ann Verdecchia 1951 Pennsylvania

Identify Glasgow Jane Doe!
How You Can Help

This woman’s family and friends have waited at least 50 years to find out what happened to her. They have been enduring a fifty-year nightmare. Maybe this unidentified woman can be matched with a missing woman who has been missing for at least 50 years. Doing so can resolve a cold case. To do this, two websites maintain databases of both missing persons and unidentified persons. To try to match Glasgow Jane Doe with a missing woman from the 1960s, you can do the following: Visit either the Doe Network or NamUs.

Do you have any information on the identity of this unidentified female? You’re advised to contact the the Delaware Division of Forensic Science. Call at: (302) 577-3420

Case # 1967-N-0170

This is the source of Glasgow Jane Doe’s information.

The above information and additional information are courtesy of LostNMissing, Inc.,

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