Identify Cook County Baby Jane Doe!

Unidentified Baby Girl, Suspicious Death

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Identify Cook County Baby Jane Doe!

Identify Cook County Baby Jane Doe!

Identify Cook County Baby Jane Doe!
She was found deceased in an abandoned building.
In a house fire
And left without her name.
Who is Cook County Baby Jane Doe?

Identify Cook County Baby Jane Doe!

Identify Cook County Baby Jane Doe! This female infant was found deceased in an abandoned fire. On July 3, 2017, an African-American baby’s unidentified remains were discovered. She had black hair and pierced ears. Her estimated age range is between the ages of nine months and two years old. She was found in the attic of an unoccupied home. It reportedly caught on fire at 15481 Hamlin Avenue. Baby Jane Doe was found in Cook County, Illinois. The cause and manner of death is yet to be determined.

Identify Cook County Baby Jane Doe!

The clothing that Cook County Baby Jane Doe was wearing is shown in the poster. She wore white Garanimals brand label 6-9 months onesie with hot pink flowers. Cook County Baby Jane Doe wore a dark blue onesie label 9 months. It had white polka dots and red stitched trim. She wore black and white leopard print fleece pants. They had pink paws foot coverings and leopard kitten face. Ears were found on seat of her pants. She worse a diaper. She had a dark blue, white, red, and light blue patterned blanket with frayed edges Raggedy Ann looking doll embroidering. Also found was a light pink fleece blanket with light blue, light pink, and hot pink elephants.
Identify Cook County Baby Jane Doe!
Needs Her Name Back

This is heart-wrenching. And suspicious. We need to help investigators identify her so that they can identify her mom and her dad. Her manner of death hasn’t been ruled yet. Someone (s) is missing her! Can she be matched with a baby or toddler who went missing this year?
Even if no match can be made, someone somewhere (s) is missing her and needs to know what happened to her. She deserves a proper burial and to be remembered. Spread the word about Cook County Baby Jane Doe. Someone (s) knows something that can get her name back. If you believe you can match her with a missing baby or toddler from this year, visit: Doe Network or the NamUs Database.

Have information about Cook County Baby Jane Doe? You’re asked to call the Cook County Medical Examiner at: (312) 666-0500.

The above image and additional information are courtesy of Locate the Missing,

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