Identify Baby Boy Horry Doe!

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Identify Baby Boy Horry Doe!

Identify Baby Boy Horry Doe!

Identify Baby Boy Horry Doe!
He was found deceased over 9 years ago.
His parents have never come forward to claim him.
Police have never named a suspect in his case.
What happened to Baby Boy Horry Doe?
And who is he?

Identify Baby Boy Horry Doe !

Identify Baby Boy Horry Doe ! This is an unidentified newborn. He was found deceased on December 4, 2008. He was found near Conway, South Carolina. He was found in Horry County. The baby boy’s body was discovered by utility workers around 4:15 p.m. on Dec. 4, 2008, in a wooded area off of Highway 544 on Meadowbrook Drive. The body, which authorities say was found by a street, was discovered by a subcontractor working for Horry County Electric. Baby Boy Horry Doe’s estimated to have been a newborn. He may have been a few hours to a few days old. Baby Boy Horry Doe was found in the woods off Meadowbrook Drive, just outside Conway, South Carolina. The infant was found in a limited-edition white canvas bag. The bag was from Bath and Body Works. The bag had a baby blue bottom with straps. It was sold at the store during an August 2008 promotion.

Identify Baby Boy Horry Doe!

Baby Boy Horry Doe’s parents have not come forward since his body was discovered. And police have not named any suspects in the case. Police urge the public to look for any signs they may remember. We are to look for signs in women who may have been the mother of the baby. Look for a woman who may have been pregnant in December of 2008. Seek signs that she may have shown after the birth. She may have suffered from dizzy spells, fainting episodes, excessive crying, oversleeping, and an extended menstrual cycle. Her cycle could have lasted two weeks or longer. She may have shown these signs in January 2009. (SLED) developed a DNA profile of the newborn. And investigators also found a mixture of DNA on the Bath & Body Works bag in which the baby was found.

Horry County Police Sgt. Robert Kegler said investigations can now make certain comparisons in DNA samples. They can compare the DNA of any viable suspects that are developed through the investigation to the DNA of Baby Boy Horry Doe.

Identify Baby Boy Horry Doe !

It is unlikely that there are many missing newborns whom Baby Boy Horry Doe can be matched with. But it may be possible. It is perplexing that a newborn can be found deceased as he was. And it’s even more perplexing that he ends up unidentified. And he was found in a tote bag? What is keeping Baby Boy Horry Doe’s parents from coming forward and claiming him? It has been over 9 years. He is someone’s child and son. There is someone (s) at this moment, who is missing Baby Boy Horry Doe. Someone somewhere has information that can solve this mystery. Do you have any information concerning the identity of Baby Boy Horry Doe? Do you have any information concerning the identity of his parents? Do you have any information concerning anyone else who may know him? No amount of information is too small to help.

Investigating Agency:
Horry County Police Department
843-915-8031 or
843-915-TIPS (8477)
Not in NamUs
Doe Network Case 1381UMSC

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This article is about newborn Baby Horry Doe and how he may have ended up as unidentified. Click here and learn more.
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