Find Woman, Missing 4 Two Years!

Missing Woman, Cold Case

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Find Missing Elizabeth Elena Laguna Salgado!

Find Woman, Missing 4 Two Years!

Find woman, who has been missing for two years!
Vanished for two years!

Find Woman, Missing 4 Two Years!
Missing 4 Two Years

Find woman, missing 4 two years! Her family is desperately pleading for the public’s help. Where is this lady? Elizabeth Elena Laguna Salgado was last seen walking home from school in Provo. This was on April 16, 2015. After two years of searching, investigators can find no sign of this missing woman. She had disappeared while walking home from Nomen Global Language School. It’s located in Provo.

Find Woman, Missing 4 Two Years!

Elizabeth Elena Laguna Salgado was last seen in Provo, Utah. She stands 5’4″ to 5’5.” This lady weighs between 120 to 130 pounds. When last seen, she was 26 years old. Last seen on April 16, 2015, she was walking home from school. Salgado was attending Nomen Global Language School. It’s located on 384 West Center Street in Provo, Utah. Since that time, Elizabeth Salgado has not shown up at her apartment.

What was this woman wearing when last seen? Authorities tell us that she was wearing a denim jacket. Also, she was wearing blue jeans. Elizabeth had worn black or brown knee high boots. This woman has long black hair and brown eyes. When last seen, she was carrying a denim handbag with red straps.

Find Woman, Missing 4 Two Years!
Two Years Later

Two years later, the family of Elizabeth Elena Laguna Salgado found help. A local Utah newspaper article tells about it. To get her in the news. On April 14, 2017, Ed Smart, father of Elizabeth Smart, would assist the Salgado family in updating their daughter’s case. In the news. Ed Smart is also a missing children’s advocate. His daughter, Elizabeth, had been kidnapped years ago. In 2002. She was missing for nine moths and found safe. And she, herself, has married and advocates for missing children and victims.

Find Woman, Missing 4 Two Years!
Renewed Efforts 2 Find Her

The mother of this woman issued a public plea. Exactly one year ago. That was the sad annual missing date of this woman’s disappearance. Libertad Salgado pled: “Please, whoever took my daughter, find it in your heart. Please return my daughter to me. I need her with me.” When Elizabeth was last seen walking home from school in Provo. Elizabeth had been in the United States for only a few weeks. Mexico is her homeland. It’s her family’s homeland. Many in her family, her mom included, plan to travel from Mexico. Elizabeth is missing out of the U.S. so her search needed to be done there.

Find Woman, Missing 4 Two Years!!
The Investigation

The investigation is ongoing. About her daughter’s disappearance, Elizabeth’s mom offers her thoughts. She says: “It’s something that has no words, to have a missing child. It’s something that I don’t ever wish upon anyone.” The woman’s uncle says: Please, help us out. We are a desperate family and we need your help.” As his missing teen investigation continues, investigators are running into dead ends. Any new leads or major developments? They have practically faded away. Investigators have put in hours of priority time to locate Elizabeth Salgado. Hundreds of volunteers have joined in the search. They have put up missing posters.

Find Woman, Missing 4 Two Years!
We Need 2 Help Find Her!

Law enforcement show frustration with their investigation. Brian Taylor is with the Provo Police Department. He says: “We’ve run down every possible lead, conducted searches, background checks, interviews.” He continues, “we sent a detective to Mexico along with the FBI. And the Mexican police to speak with her family in Mexico. And see what we could learn from them.”The Salgado family is getting full support from the family of Elizabeth Smart. Ed Smart says: “We truly believe that she is out there somewhere. That your help in bringing attention to her is what’s going to bring her home.”

Let’s help bring Elizabeth home. Someone out there knows something! And they’re not talking. We need to share her poster and story massively. Share until we reach the person who has the information that can find Elizabeth. And if you have that information? You’re asked to contact the Provo Police Department at: (801) 852-6210.

The above photo and information are provided courtesy of Locate the Missing and this article.

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