Find Missing Trevor Storm Torrice!

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Find Missing Trevor Storm Torrice!

Find Missing Trevor Storm Torrice!

Find missing Trevor Storm Torrice!
He was last seen at the local mall.
He has been missing for a week.
Christmas is coming up in a week.

Find Missing Revor Storm Torrice!

Find Missing Trevor Storm Torrice! Trevor Storm Torrice disappeared on December 7, 2017. He is missing from Spotslyvania, Virginia. Trevor reportedly was last seen at the Spotslyvania Mall on December 9, 2017. Trevor Storm Torrice reportedly is a Massaponax High School student. According to his family, Trevor has been missing since Saturday, December 9. This is the day that Trevor was seen at the local mall. And they fear that something bad may have happened to him. It is extremely unlike Trevor, they declare, to just vanish. Reportedly, there is an Instagram/Snapchat of someone else looking for Trevor.

Find Missing Trevor Storm Torrice!

Trevor Storm Torrice’s loved ones strongly feel this unidentified person has ulterior motives to do harm to Trevor. Reportedly, his phone went dead for a couple of days. And it came back on last night where there was no answer or response from text messages. This, according to Trevor’s loved ones, is also unlike him. His family think someone has Trevor’s phone. At Spotsylvania Mall, Trevor was last seen wearing a black North Face jacket and light colored pants. Trevor also wore blue and white Nike shoes. He has “Torrice” tattooed on his right forearm. Trevor is a Caucasian male. He is 17 to 18 years old. His exact age is unclear. Trevor is described as 5’9″ tall and 130 pounds. His hair and eyes are brown.

Hear the father of Trevor Storm Torrice in his own words.

PLEASE turn in ANY info you may have to me if you want to stay anonymous or to the police! Too many people are sharing & discussing info on their fb pages instead of turning it in! STOP DISCUSSING IT & TURN IT IN!!!! PLEASE!

FYI: Anything you see on snapchat is not fact until I HEAR MY SONS VOICE & I POST HE IS SAFE! DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU SEE!
No sleep. My son has been missing since Saturday. We feel something bad has happened to him. He is still in high school & is extremely unlike him to miss any days.
There is an instagram/snapchat of someone else looking for him, we strongly feel this person has ulterior motives to do harm to him. His phone went dead for a couple of days & came back on last night where there was no answer or response from text messages which is also unlike him & think someone has his phone.
Trevor Torrice was last seen Saturday Dec 9 wearing a black North face jacket, light colored pants & blue & white Nike’s at Spotsylvania Mall.
Anyone who is in school has any info on him, please tell your resource officers. Otherwise call Spotsylvania county sheriffs office 540-582-7115

Find Missing Trevor Storm Torrice!

Christmas is 12 days away. Trevor Storm Torrice has been missing for over a week as of this writing. The fact that he was seen in a local mall two days after he was reported missing is disturbing. Trevor is a high school student and obviously knows many people. His loved ones fear foul play. It is unclear if authorities also suspect foul play. But what is clear is that his whereabouts now are a mystery. If this is a voluntary disappearance, what would motivate such a disappearance? Over a week before Christmas Day? Just because Torrice is legally an adult does not mean that he is safe. He and his family and friends want and need a Christmas miracle. They are pleading for tips that can bring Trevor home to his family, friends, and community.

Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Trevor Torrice? If you have info, please contact the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office at (540) 582-7115. If you have seen Trevor, call 9-1-1 immediately!

This is one of multiple articles that confirm that Trevor Storm Torrice is missing. Click here to and learn more.

The above image and additional information are courtesy of the Aware Foundation, Inc.

The father of Trevor Storm Torrice is an information source.

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