Find Missing Rose Marie Gayhart!

Missing Pregnant Woman, Cold Case

So I say to you, Ask and it will be given to you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you
Jesus Words

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Find MIssing Rose Marie Gayhart!

Find Missing Rose Marie Gayhart!

Find missing Rose Marie Gayhart!
She has been missing for 23 long years.
Since March 1985, the has been no sign of Rose
So where is she and what happened to her?

Find Missing Rose Marie Gayhart!

Find missing Rose Marie Gayhart! She has been missing since March 21, 1985. Grayhart is missing out of Coral, Florida. Her case is classified as Endangered Missing. She was born on February 8. Rose was 23 when she went missing. Her current age is 46 years old. Rose is a Caucasian female. She is described as 5’2″ and she weighs 110 pounds. Her hair is brown and her eyes are also brown. Rose has a scar under her chin, faint scars around her nose and eyes, and stretch marks.

Rose’s stretch marks come from her pregnancy history. These come from a past pregnancy. Gayhart wears eyeglasses. Two of her teeth. are missing. And she has fillings in two other teeth. Rose’s ears are pierced, one time each. It is believed that Rose Marie Gayhart may have been pregnant at the time of her disappearance.

Find Missing Rose Marie Gayhart!

Rose Marie Gayhart was last seen in Cape Coral, Indiana. Her missing date is March 21, 1985. A year before she went missing, Rose had lived in Dansville, New York. This she did until 1984. Then Rose and her boyfriend, Bob Paddock, moved. They moved a trailer to the 50 block of northeast Barron Way. This is in Fort Myers, Florida. Her boyfriend’s mother, Dorothy Rittenhouse, stayed with them at the time. Gayhart regularly called her parents. Also, she kept in touch with them by mail.

Find Missing Rose Marie Gayhart!
Unplanned Pregnancy

Rose had written her final letter to her sister. It was written on March 4. Rose had written that she would like her sister and brother-in-law to come down to Florida to visit. On the night of March 14, six days before Rose’s disappearance, a neighbor heard an argument in Gayhart’s residence. Neighbors also heard the sound of glass breaking. Rose Gayhart had gone to the neighbor’s home, and she was upset. She asked to use the phone so she could call her mother. Rose said that she was pregnant, and that Rittenhouse had told her to leave and never come back. He did not want Rose to keep the child.

Find Missing Rose Marie Gayhart!
Before Her Disappearance

This is what happened next. Rose apparently acted on the ultimatum. For a neighbor stated seeing Gayhart walking out of the trailer with a suitcase. Paddock had rented an apartment after the argument. Rittenhouse, Rose’s boyfriend’s mother, said that a few days later, she had bought Gayhart’s bus ticket so she could go back to New York. Rittenhouse had gone to a local bar to give it to Gayhart. Reportedly, they had argued. And Rose Gayhart would not accept the ticket.

Find Missing Rose Marie Gayhart!
After the Break-Up

Rittenhouse said that encounter was the last time she ever saw Gayhart. She had subsequently written a letter to Gayhart’s mother in New York. She sent it with a copy of the bus ticket. Rittenhouse claimed that Rose was involved with drugs and alcohol. And Rittenhouse stated that she was not “responsible for whatever happens.” On March 19, 1985, Gayhart went to the Big Howie’s Hot Dogs diner in Southeast 47th Terrace in Cape Coral, Florida.
She asked for a job and was immediately hired. Rose listed Paddock’s new apartment as her address on the application. And she told her employer that she and Paddock were not getting along.

Find Missing Rose Marie Gayhart!

Gayhart walked back and forth to work over the next few days. Here is what happened on the night of March 21, the night of her disappearance. On that night, after her shift, Rose Marie Gayhart got into a red pickup truck which an unidentified male was driving. Her boss saw her and assumed that she had a ride home. Rose Gayhart has never been heard from again. She has never picked up her paycheck. When questioned about her disappearance, Paddock claimed that he’d last seen her “sometime in the middle of March.” And he claimed that she stayed with him sometimes, but didn’t actually live with him.

Find Missing Rose Marie Gayhart!
Her Boyfriend

Rose’s boyfriend stated that she’d left a paper sack of clothes. And he claimed that she left a file box containing a scrapbook with memories of her baby son, who had died. Rose Gayhart was exceedingly attached to the box and scrapbook. And her family doesn’t believe she would have voluntarily left these behind. Foul play is suspected in Gayhart’s case. There has been no sign of her since March 21, 1985. New York authorities continue to investigate.

On March 16, 2017, a poem was written on the Facebook page set up for Rose.

Rose Marie, please come home we still miss you.
More than you could poss-ib-ly know
Things have change Since you been gone, my darling
No shoulder to cry on now that your gone
I hope that one day with Gods help we’ll find you
Alive and strong and pretty as you are.
No stone unturned until we see you walking
home to all who love you, every day.
Rose Marie, please come home we still love you.
Wish I could tell you, how much you mean to me.
Just one last time, you see I need my sis–ter.
Justice will be served– in your name.
I hope that one day with Gods help we’ll find you
Alive and strong and pretty as you are.
No stone unturned until we see you walking
home to all who love you, every day.
home to all who love you, every day.

Find Missing Rose Marie Gayhart!
Bring Her Home At Last

The family of Rose Marie Gayhart have lived for 23 years without answers. They have never forgotten her, and they have never stopped searching. Someone (s) knows about that unidentified male whom Rose was last seen. And someone (s) knows who he is and why he picked her up. Yes, and someone (s) knows what happened after Rose Marie Gayhart climbed into the vehicle with that unknown male. What happened on that night of March 21, 1985? Get the word out so we may reach someone (s) with that information. Do you have information about Rose’s whereabouts? The unknown male? Please contact the Livingston County, New York Sheriff’s Department. Call them at: (585) 243-7120 or 9-1-1.

There is a Facebook page which is titled Missing Rose Marie Grayhart. Use Facebook? Consider clicking to “like” this page.

The above information can be found on Rose’s Charley Project page. I have adapted and remixed it. And it is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 2.0 License

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