Find Missing Peggy Wynell Byars-Baisden!

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Find Missing Peggy Wynell Byars-Baisden!

Find Missing Peggy Wynell Byars-Baisden!
Find Missing Peggy Wynell Byars-Baisden!

Find missing Peggy Wynell Byars-Baisden!
She has been missing over half a century.
THose many years ago
An unidentified male had
Seemed to be assisting her.
But she was never seen again.
Where is Peggy Wynell Byars-Baisden?

Find Missing Peggy Wynell Byars-Baisden!

Find Missing Peggy Wynell Byars-Baisden! Peggy Wynell Byars-Baisden has been missing since April 2, 1965. She is missing from Highland City, FLorida. Peggy Wynell Byars-Baisden is classified as an endangered missing person. Her year of birth is 1941. At the time of her disappearance, Byars-Baisden was 23 years old. Her current age is 76 years old. Peggy Wynell Byars-Baisden is a Caucasian female. She is described as 5’4″ tall and 120 pounds. Her hair is brown and her eyes are blue. It is unknown what Byars-Boisden was wearing when she was last seen.

Find Missing Peggy Wynell Byars-Baisden!

Peggy Wynell Byars-Baisden departed from her residence on Third Street and Central Avenue. She went missing in Highland City, Florida between 6:00 and 7:00 P.M. on April 2, 1965. She was headed to the now-defunct Chatterbox Bar, which was located near the Polk County Parkway/southbound Highway 98 intersection near Eaton Park.

Peggy Wynell Byars-Baisden was driving. Her vehicle is described as a light green two-door 1959 Chevrolet coupe with the Florida license plate number 5W-21118. A witness saw Byars-Baisden in the establishment’s parking lot sometime during the evening hours. She was accompanied by an unidentified Caucasian male. He appeared to be assisting Byars-Baisden with her car’s mechanical problems.

Peggy Wynell Byars-Baisden has never been heard from again. Her car disappeared with her and has never been located. Her family reported her missing that same day. Investigators continue to search for her but they have never had a suspect in her disappearance.

Find Missing Peggy Wynell Byars-Baisden!

Peggy Wynell Byars-Baisden was divorced with two young children when she vanished. And she made a living as a waitress. Byars-Baisden’s loved ones say she had no enemies. And it would be uncharacteristic of her to abandon her children. They moved in with her sister and brother-in-law after her disappearance.

Some have suggested that Byars-Baisden’s disappearance is related to the disappearance of Mary Cook. The latter vanished from Highland City in November 1970 and was never found. Both Cook and Byars-Baisden are the mothers of two children each. Both were in their twenties. And they resided on the same street. However, investigators do not think the two women knew each other and have not been able to link their disappearances.

Foul play is suspected in Peggy Wynell Byars-Baisden’s case; she is considered to be missing under suspicious circumstances.

Find Missing Peggy Wynell Byars-Baisden!

Peggy Wynell Byars-Baisden has been missing for over 53 years. She has spent many more years as a missing person than as a person seen alive. After this sheer passage of time, police still have not named a suspect in her case. She was reportedly divorced. Where was Byars-Baisden’s ex-husband on the days on and surrounding her April 2, 1965 disappearance? What were his movements and conduct then? If her parents are still alive, they are probably aging. Byars-Baisden has children who are now middle-aged themselves. She has been missing that long. Her long-suffering loved ones need answers after over 53 years of not knowing.

Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Peggy Wynell Byars-Baisden? Do you have any information concerning the person (s) responsible for her disappearance? If you have any information, please contact the Polk County Sheriff’s Office at: (863) 533-0344 or (800) 226-0344.

Agency Case Number: 1996-41205
NCIC Number: M-807362264

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The above image is courtesy of Peggy Wynell Byars-Baisden’s NamUs Database.

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