Find Missing Mother N Daughter!

Missing Mother and Daughter, Cold Case

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Find Missing Mother N Daughter!

Find Missing Mother N Daughter!

Find a missing mother and daughter!
They have not been heard from for 16 years.
Where can they be?

Find Missing Mom N Daughter!
Missing Mom

Find missing mom and daughter! Tina Sinclair is the mom’s name. She has not been seen since February 4, 2001. Sinclair is classified as Endangered Missing. Tina is missing out of Chesterfield, New Hampshire. She was born on Nov. 29. And she was 34 at her disappearance. Tina is 51 years old now. This mom stands 5’2″ and weighs 120 pounds. Characteristics that identify her? Tina is a Caucasian female. Her hair is blonde and her eyes are green.

Find Missing Mother N Daughter!
More Details about Mom

Tina has a surgical scar. And it extends downward from her belly button. On her right ankle, there is a butterfly tattoo. Her ears have been pierced twice. And she has a former married name. It is Mayott. This mom goes by the nickname Tee. Her right arm and collarbone were broken.
When last seen, Tina’s fingers were long. And she kept them well-manicured. As she is a missing adult, there are fewer posters available for her, than for her daughter.

Find Missing Mother N Daughter!
Missing Daughter

Bethany Sinclair is the daughter’s name. NCMEC has a poster for her. Bethany was last seen on February 4, 2001. She is missing out of Chesterfield, New Hampshire. Her case is Endangered Missing. Bethany was born on October 15 and was 15 when last seen. The daughter is 31 years old now. She stands between 5’2″ to 5’7.” And she weighs between 120 to 135 pounds. Bethany is a Caucasian female. Her hair and eyes are brown. On her forehead, Bethany has a scar that is U-shaped.

Find Missing Mother N Daughter!
More Details About Daughter

Both mom and daughter are missing under the same circumstances. They were last seen together. Unlike her mom, apparently, Bethany wears eyeglasses. She goes by Beth, which is her nickname. And she may use Deuso as a last name. At her disappearance, Bethany’s hips and legs were out of alignment. And her knees turn inward. When last seen, Bethany may have have worn a crucifix pendant necklace.

Find Missing Mom N Daughter!

Find Missing Mother N Daughter!
Details Of Their Disappearance

This mom and her daughter lived with mom’s boyfriend. His name is Eugene Van Bowman Jr. They made their home on Mountain Road in Chesterfield, New Hampshire. Below, a photo of the boyfriend is provided. It is also licensed under the same CC License as this ext. (See below). The boyfriend may go by his middle name, Van. Bowman and Tina, he told police, quarreled on the day of Tina’s and Bethany’s disappearances. He had left the home, he claims. And later that day, he came back. It was when he came back, he claims, that he found Tina and Bethany missing.

Find Missing Mother N Daughter!

Find Missing Mother N Daughter!
More About Their Missing Circumstances

Eugene Van Bowman, Jr, makes more claims. According to him, all of Tina’s and Bethany’s clothes were missing. But they had left the rest of their personal belonging. These include Tina’s cat, 15 years old, and her bicycle. These remained at their home. This mom and daughter were never heard from again. Bethany and Tina weren’t reported as missing until February 10. They had been missing for six days then. The last two persons who saw them? These were Tina’s boyfriend, Eugene Van Bowman. And Bethany’s boyfriend.

Find Missing Mother N Daughter!
Family Dynamics

More details about the day of this disappearance are given. Bethany and her boyfriend were talking on the phone for a half hour. On February 3, from 11:00 P.M. to midnight. They had made plans for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Bethany’s boyfriend already had bought a ring for her. As a gift. Who reported Bethany missing? It was an unidentified woman. She had called Keene High School on February 5. This was the day after the mom and daughter went missing. The woman reported that Bethany wouldn’t attend class because she was sick. Authorities are unclear about who this caller is.

Find Missing Mother N Daughter!
Troubled Home Life

When people go missing, the first ones police look at are their family members. This is to rule out those closest to the missing person (s). Reportedly, Tina’s relationship with her boyfriend is described as “troubled at the time.” Tina’s sister had expressed concern for the daughter’s safety. Bowman was a registered sex offender. After Tina’s and Bethany’s disappearance, Bowman served a two-year prison term. He had molested an eight-year-old daughter in the 1990’s.

Find Missing Mother N Daughter!
Dysfunctional Family?

Family dynamics were reportedly dysfunctional before the mom and daughter vanished. Tina’s sister had wanted Bethany to come live with her. Tina’s sister lived in Connecticut at the time.
In October 2000, Tina and her sister had a sharp disagreement about this matter. Sadly, they have never spoken since. Tina’s sister said that Tina declared that she could remove herself from Bowman. According to her, Tina was making plans to leave Bowman. Tina’s relatives describe Bowman as abusive. They were aware of their troubled relationship.

Find Missing Mother N Daughter!
More About the Circumstances

Family members usually get it right about the nature of their loved one’s disappearances. Tina’s sister reports that she doesn’t believe that Tina voluntarily disappeared with Bethany on February 2001. For at the time, Tina had just graduated from cosmetology school. She aspired to set up her own beauty shop. Though Tina was close to her family members, the Sinclairs reportedly didn’t contact any of their loved ones. Tina’s ex-husband and Bethany’s father, reported that he and Tina sometimes argued. And when they did, Tina went to stay with her own mother. Within a 12-hour period, she would contact him.

Tina’s ex-husband expressed doubts that she would leave for an extended period of time. If she did, he said, she would have told someone.

Find Missing Mom N Daughter!

Find Missing Mother N Daughter!
The Investigation

Authorities actively investigated after this double disappearance. They found no signs of any activity. Her bank account showed zero activity. Nothing could be found on her cellular phone. She had no credit card activity. Her last paycheck wasn’t cashed. Tina’s and Bethany’s Social Security numbers also showed zero activity. Bowman’s whereabouts on February 4? The day of the Sinclair’s double disappearance? His home bordered the Connecticut River. When last seen, he was on the river. Bowman was in his Yellow Scat hovercraft at 4:30 A.M.

Find Missing Mother N Daughter!
Further Searches

Authorities conducted extensive searches of the area. But their searches gave them no clues as to where Tina and Bethany could be. Investigators believe that foul play was involved in their double disappearance. Police have made no arrests in the Sinclairs’ disappearances. And reports indicate that Bowman will not cooperate with authorities. They have not named him as a suspect. They do call him a person of interest. What has he since done with the home he shared with Tina and Bethany? He has put it on the market.

There whereabouts of Tina and Bethany remain a mystery.

Find Missing Mother N Daughter!
We Can Help

The family of Tina and Bethany have been enduring a nightmare for 16 years. They need answers as to where their loved ones are. Let us share their posters and story until they are brought back home. And if you have information that can help locate Bethany and Tina? You’re asked to contact the New Hampshire State Police at: (603) 271-3636. Or contact: (603) 358-3333.

The above photos are provided courtesy of LostNMissing, Inc. I’m not a partner of or affilated with LostNMissing, Inc, or with any other nonprofit.

Much of the information and the photo of Tina’s husband are via The Charley Project. They’re licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Generic 2.0. I have adapted and remixed it.

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