Find Morningstar Ree Finley! *** (UPDATE: FOUND SAFE)***

Missing Teen, New Case

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Find missing Morningstar Ree Finley!
She is a Native American older teen.
Where can she be?

Find Missing Morningstar Ree Finley!

Find Missing Morningstar Ree Finley! She is from NewTown, which is in Mountrail County, North Dakota. Finley is 17 years old, an older teen. This young lady was leaving her school. Her school is located on 300 Eagle Drive. Morningstar was last seen on May 1, 2017, at approximately 3:45 P.M. Morningstar is said to be Native American. She stands 5’9″ tall and weighs 220 pounds. This young lady has black hair and brown eyes. It’s shaved on one side, which is shown on the above photo. Upon her disappearance, Finley was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt. That top has the logo for the hip-hop group, Hustle Gang. It was on the front. This teen was carrying a small bag, small and red. That bag says: “4 Bears Casino.” Also, Finley was carrying a backpack, which has a skull and the word “Monster” on it.

Find Missing Morningstar Ree Finley!
She Needs Our Help

Finley is proof the missing persons’ searches are not equal. Not even missing children’s searches or equal. Or missing teens.’ Morningstar is a minority missing teen, and minorities often don’t get adequate resources invested in their cases. When I did multiple searches on this girl, I came up empty-handed. So let’s share Morningstar’s story and poster widely. If you see this missing Native American teen, call 9-1-1 immediately! And if you have tips or information that can help find her, please contact the Three Affiliated Tribes Police Department at: (701) 627-3617.

In a search, I stumbled on a Facebook profile for a the mom of Morningstar Ree Finley. There is no option to “Follow” the the profile. But it is public and you can bookmark it for updates. Morningstar’s poster is the profile photo.

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On her profile, Morningstar’s mom posted about her missing daughter.

UPDATE: Morningstar’s mom posted on her Facebook page. See it below.

The above poster and additional information are provided courtesy of Locate the missing.

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