Find Missing Melanie Jo Melanson!

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Find Missing Melanie Jo Melanson!

Find Missing Melanie Jo Melanson!

Find Missing Melanie Jo Melanson!
Melanie Jo Melason , Age-Progressed to 36 years, (circa 2011)

Find missing Melanie Jo Melanson!
She has been missing for over 28 long years.
When she went missing law enforcement treated her
Like a runaway.
But she has been missing for over 28 long years.
What runaway stays missing that long?
No, something happened to Melanie and
Her family know it.

Find Missing Melanie Jo Melanson!

Find missing Melanie Jo Melanson! Melanie has been missing since October 27, 1989. Melanson is missing from Woburn, Massachusetts. Her case classification is currently endangered missing. Melanie was born in the year 1974. At the time of her disappearance, Melanie was 14 years old. Her current age is 42 years old. Melanie Melanson is a Caucasian female. She is described as 5’3″ and 105 pounds at the time of her disappearance. Melanson has blonde hair and blue eyes. When she was last seen, Melanie had braces on her teeth.

Melanie Melanson isn’t described with any distinguishing physical characteristics. She has no known scars, birthmarks, tattoos, or piercings. Nor is it known what she was wearing when last seen.

Find Missing Jo Melanson!

It was the evening of October 27, 1989, that Melanie Melanson was last seen. She was last seen at a party at an industrial park. It was located near the Woburn/Stoneham line. The party took place about a mile from Melanson’s home in Woburn, Massachusetts. Melanie Melanson was known to be in the company of two boys she knew. After Melanson’s disappearance, each boy told conflicting stories. Each claimed that the other was the last one to have seen Melanie. One claimed that he saw herstanding at the head of the trail. And he claimed that she was doing this in the early morning hours of October 28.

Find Missing Melanie Jo Melanson!
A Runaway?

Melanie Melanson didn’t take any of her personal belongings with her when she went missing. At first, police believed that she ran away from home. And they thought that she headed to Florida. Melanie had run away before, just once. However, she always got in touch with her family to let them know she was okay. Since Melanie vanished on October 27, 1989, she has had no contact with her family. According to her family, Melanie was happy with her life at the time of her disappearance. And she would not have run away. She was looking forward to her upcoming birthday. She was relieved to be getting rid of her braces.

Fund Missing Melanie Jo Melanson!
Her Case Today

At the time of her disappearance, Melanie was a freshman at Woburn High School. She was looking forward to her upcoming transfer to Northeast Vocational High School. Her parents struggled with alcohol. Thus her grandparents and aunts raised her. Her grandmother has since passed away. In August 1992, an anonymous telephone caller told police to look for Melanie’s body in an area pond. Investigators have searched that pond. But they found no evidence leading to Melanie. Police now believe that Melanie was the victim of foul play. And they believe that she is still in the general area.

A missing profile page has been set up for Melanie. Use Facebook? Click here to bookmark this page.

In July 2017, Melanie’s family show that they have never given up looking for her and their pain remains. Just because a case is cold does not make reduce their pain.

In October 2017, it will be 28 years since Melanie was murdered at just 14 years of age. A child. Her remains hidden from those who love her…still hidden to this day. I always think about all the things in life she never got to experience, how much she missed out on, and how much we, her family and friends missed out on her being with us as we experienced life. What a wonderful woman she would have been today.
Today I received an “age progressed photo” from the Center for Missing and Exploited Children. When I looked at it, I thought “she looks familiar”. And it hit me..that’s because if Melanie had not been murdered, she would look similar to this today. I see her eyes, still beautiful. I hear her laughter, I see her smile. I feel her love in my heart. My beautiful Niece.
Rest in Peace Melanie, and rest assured, we love you and we will never give up searching to find your remains, to give you the burial that you deserve.

Find Missing Melanie Jo Melanson!

A family have been waiting for answers for over 28 long years. Had the system failed Melanie Melanson and her family when she first went missing? According to her family, police first handled Melanie’s case like that of a runaway. They assumed that because she ran away before, that she ran away again. But this time is different because she has had no contact with her family since her disappearance. And she took nothing with her. What about the sheer passage of time? Not months but years? Someone (s) knows something! Is this you? Do you have any information about the two unidentified males that Melanie was with? Their activity at the time of her disappearance? Others at that party?
Her whereabouts?

If you have any information, don’t hesitate! Please contact the Woburn Police Department at: (781) 933-1212. OR contact the family
Tipline: 1-866-637-4907. Or simply call 9-1-1. Or you can contact the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children: 1-800-843-5678.

In the year 2016, investigators re-opened the case of Melanie Melanson. It had been closed prior to this. At that time, this article was written. Click here to read the article.

Melanie Jo Melanson has a poster with National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Click here to view it.

The above information can be found on Melanie Jo Melanson’s Charley Project Page. I have adapted and remixed it. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 4.0 International.

The above images are courtesy of Melanie Jo Melanson’s NamUs Database.

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