Find Missing Matthew Martinez! ***(UPDATE: FOUND SAFE!)***

Missing Young Man, New Case

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Find missing Matthew Martinez!
He shares a first and a last name with another man
Who was a veteran and who was found deceased.
He vanished as out of thin air.
What happened? Where is Matthew?

Find Missing Matthew Martinez!

Find missing Matthew Martinez! This missing young man is missing from Venice Beach, California. That is where he was last seen. Matthew had been visiting California for the last two weeks. Martinez went missing on July 30, 2017. Matthew was carrying a backpack. Though he is missing out of California, Martinez is from Houston, Texas. That is where he lives. Other than this, information about his disappearance seems unavailable. Was he on foot or in a vehicle when last seen? Who last saw him? These are unknown.

Find Missing Matthew Martinez!

Matthew Martinez is a Caucasian male of Hispanic ethnicity, 24 years old. He has a tattoo of four black rectangles on his chest. And he has the words F*** you across his knuckles. Matthew has other tattoos as well. There is no description of them, nor of any other distinguishing physical characteristics. Matthew is described as 5’9″ tall. And he weighs in the range of 130 to 140 pounds. He has brown eyes and brown hair.

Find Missing Matthew Martinez!
Please hellp

Matthew Martinez is getting no attention or publicity. I could find nothing in Internet searches. All I found were a few posts about another missing man, also named Matthew Martinez. And a memorial page has been set up for that Matthew on Facebook. And I found virtually nothing in Facebook searches. His is a severely limited information case. Foul play seems not to be suspected. And he is a missing male. PLus he shares a name with a missing veteran who was found deceased. These are all reasons that Matthew is unlikely to get attention or publicity. But he has a family desperate to find him.

Matthew’s mother posted on her Facebook profile Timeline on August 4.

*****I just had an officer out who took a missing person’s report on Matthew Christian Martinez. Thank you all for sharing this post and your prayers. Please keep sharing and praying. The missing person’s report goes into a national database so praying he will be found safe and soon*******
If anyone has talked to my son Matthew or heard anything from him please contact me please. I am extremely worried about him and I haven’t been able to get in contact with him since Sunday. His last known whereabouts was Venice Beach, California. Thank you

***UPDATE***: On A facebook page and on August 8, 2017, someone made posted an update.

🐝Matthew has been located & contacted his mother! Thank you for your help!🐝

Matthew’s sister posted on her Facebook Timeline on August 9, 2017.

Thank you to everyone!!!! I am so grateful for all of your help! God Bless you all!! ❤️❤️

It’s up to us to get the word out about Matthew’s disappearance. There seems to be no one else who is going to do it. Don’t confuse him with the other man who shared the same name when alive. Get the word out about Matthew’s mysterious disappearance. Someone (s) knows something. Have you seen Matthew Martinez? Call 9-1-1 without delay! Are you someone (s) who has information about the whereabouts of Matthew Martinez? You are advised to contact the
Camden County Sheriff’s Office. Call them at: (573) 346-2243.

The above photo is courtesy of the AWARE Foundation, Inc.

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