Find Missing Mark Bakotic II! ***(TRAGIC UPDATE: BODY FOUND)***

Missing Military Veteran

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Find Missing Mark Bakotic II!
Men also vanish!

Find Missing Mark Bakotic II!
His Disappearance

Find Missing Mark Bakotic II! His family is missing him. They have not seen him since December 30, 2016. This is about four months. Five days after the official Christmas holiday. What happened at the time of Mark’s disappearance? Bakotic was going out with a friend. What could he be doing now? It is believed that he is living as a homeless person. He may be living in “homeless camps.” And he may be disoriented. Just hours after Mark vanished, two women were arrested for using his credit cards. His devastated family have been searching for Mark daily. Almost. They have been driving in from Mississippi.

Bakotic needs to be brought home. One woman believes that she spoke with Mark. At the time, she said, “He did not seem to be cognizant of who he was.” In other words, Mark didn’t recall who he was. According to the woman’s account. Who is Mark? He’s a disc jockey. He’s said to be really gregarious and well-liked. To me, these details deepen the mystery of his mental state before he went missing. What could have happened to him?

Find Missing Mark Bakotic II!
His Details

What are more details that we need to know? Mark Bakotic II is a U.S. Navy Veteran. He had served his country. He had went missing from New Orleans, Louisiana. He stands 6’4,” meaning that it should be hard to miss him if sighting him. He weighs 185 pounds, meaning that he is slim for his height. His hair is described as short and brown. And his eyes are brown. He may be unshaven. When he went missing, he was wearing blue jeans. Mark wore them with a with a blue, long sleeve, button-down shirt. Mark’s hair, when grown out, is thick and curly. According to his description.

TRAGIC UPDATE: A close family member of Mark Bakotic made a September 30, 2017 post in a memorial Facebook group that has been set up for his family. Here is a portion of the post.

Update. I could not figure out why Mark 2 was acting like a fugitive, but I should have. It appears that they found him before I could. It is with a sad and broken heart that I have to report that Mark 2 is no longer with us. On Saturday 22 July, Mark’s body was found in the Mississippi River near the River Walk Mall in New Orleans. Because of personal effects, I have known since then but it has taken until today to validate that it was Mark 2 through DNA testing. Please pray for my son. I have no idea how he died, why he died, or when he died

Find Missing Mark Bakotic II!
How 2 Help Bring Him Home

We can help bring this military veteran home. Investigators ask that we help them in specific ways. If you have any information that can find him, look for a cell phone pic. If you can. This will aid with bookmarking the location where Mark was found. And it will help investigators identify him. And then call 9-1-1. Crimestoppers is offering a $2,500 reward for tips that lead to a felony arrest of a suspect. This may be a person responsible for Mark’s disappearance. The family is offering a reward to anyone who locates Mark.

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