Find Missing Kyle Rugg!

Missing Young Man, Missing Under Unclear Circumstances, Cold Case

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Find Missing Kyle Rugg!

Find Missing Kyle Rugg!

Find missing Kyle Rugg!
He has been missing for over 3 years.
His family is desperately searching for him.
He is missed by many.
Where is Kyle Ruggs?

Find Missing Kyle Rugg!

Find missing Kyle Rugg! Kyle Rugg has been missing since March 4, 2015. He is missing from Katy, Texas. Kyle’s case classification is unknown. His year of birth is unknown. At the time of his disappearance, Kyle was 20 years old. His current age is 23 to 24 years old. Kyle’s nickname is Stuubs. Kyle Rugg is a Caucasian male. His hair is described as blond and shorter length, not past his chin. Kyle’s eyes are blue. He is described as 5’8″ tall and 125 pounds at the time of his disappearance. Kyle drives a Silver Hyundai Elantra, License Plate CD4Z207. This vehicle is missing. When he was last seen, Kyle was wearing a black tank top, black hoodie, and jeans.

Find Missing Kyle Rugg!

Kyle Rugg has tattoo on his upper left chest says. It says “RIP Stuubs” and a “cartoon” face. The face has hair over one eye with one eye showing. a plug earring and a lower protruding jaw w 3 pointy teeth. On right chest is another large tattoo. On left lower leg, on calf, a large “Tony Hawk game tattoo.” The tattoo seems to be of what appears to be a large blood shot eyeball. The eyeball has a wooden stick impaled through it. Kyle also has a large colorful tattoo on upper right arm of clowns. Kyle has Ear gauges in his ears that stretch the earlobes. He has scars on both his knees due to bilateral knee surgery.

Find Missing Kyle Rugg!

Kyle Rugg was last seen leaving a fishing trip in Livingston, Texas on March 4, 2015. He was on his way back to Katy, Texas. When his roommate returned from the same trip, he reported that he noticed that Kyle hadn’t returned. And Kyle’s vehicle was also missing. At the time Kyle was driving a silver Hyundai Elantra with TEXAS plates CD4 Z207. Family has offered a $20,000 reward with terms outlined on their Facebook page, attached as a link to this piece. (Note: LostNMissing does not issue nor hold or offer reward funds.)

Find Missing Kyle Rugg!

Kyle Rugg has been missing for over three years. In spite of the information available about him as a person, there is one thing we don’t have. Information is limited about Kyle’s disappearance itself. He is missing under unclear circumstances. But anyone who has been missing for over three years should be considered endangered by default. It is unknown if Kyle left home on his own accord or vanished for other reasons. I don’t understand how agencies do not consider people endangered if they have been missing for three years or over. But they often do. I known of an an person missing for over 40 years who is not classified as endangered! In every case, someone (s) knows something. And someone (s) knows something that can help bring Kyle Rugg home.

Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Kyle Rugg? Do you have any information concerning the person (s) involved in his disappearance? If you have any info, please contact the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. Contact (713) 221-6000, or Detective Garcia at: (713) 274-9100

Missing Person Case #: HC-15-35702

NamUs MP# 28454

Bring Kyle Rugg Home is a Facebook page set up for him. Use Facebook? Please “Like” this page.

The above image and additional information are courtesy of LostNMissing, Inc.

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