Find Missing Khoi Dang Vu!

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Find Missing Khoi Dang Vu!

Find missing Khoi Dang Vu!

Find Missing Khoi Dang Vu!

Find missing Khoi Dang Vu! He is classified as Endangered Missing. Vu has been missing since April 7, 2007. This marks ten years! This man comes from Clark County, Washington State. Born on July 28, Vietnam is his homeland. At his disappearance, Khoi Dang Vu was 25 years old. He has black hair and brown eyes. Khoi stands 5’5″ and weighs 105 pounds. He is Asian-and of Vietnamese descent. However, he is an American citizen and cannot understand Vietnamese. But he does understand, read, and write English.

Find Missing Khoi Dang Vu!
Who is This Man?

Khoi Dang Vu has special needs. He has been deaf from birth. This alone makes him vulnerable. He cannot speak. Vu has cognitive limitations. So he has the skills of a ten year old. American Sign Language is his mode of communication. Yet he has limited signing skills. This man can communicate by writing. He also signals with his hands. Vu exhibits a gregarious disposition and can approach anyone. Taken together, all these make this man vulnerable.

Find Missing Khoi Dang Vu!
More About the Man

Khoi Dang Vu is well-known for certain hobbies. He is said to enjoy playing basketball and video games. He knew the Albertson’s grocery store well. It is in his neighborhood. But he may confuse other Albertson’s stores with that one. This man’s right arm and hand are slightly deformed.He is able to order items at restaurants, normally by using hand signal. And by this means he shows his menu preferences. And he can buy things at stores.

Find Missing Khoi Dang Vu!

Khoi Dang Vu at home when last seen. His family members last saw him between the hours of midnight and 1:00 A.M. on April 7, 2007. It was that morning. This was at the home where Vu lives with his family in Clark County, Washington State. But it was later that morning, 8:00 A.M., April 7, 2007. Vu apparently left his home without his favorite jacket. And he left behind his bicycle, which is the primary meas by which he got around. This was the first time that he ever vanished at night. Never was Vu away from home for over an hour or two at a time. Not on his own. And it didn’t look like he slept in his bed that night.

Find Missing Khoi Dang Vu!
More About His Disappearance

Weather was rough on the night of Khoi’s disappearance. It had been storming heavily in the area. And it was pouring. Vu was living with his parents, sister, and brother-in-law. And he was doing so in April 2007. At the time Vu went missing, his family was making big plans. They wanted to travel to Seattle, Washington State, to celebrate his mother’s birthday. And so his loved ones don’t believe that Vu simply disappear on his own. For they say that he was excited about the upcoming trip. He was believed to have traveled to Oregon. Or to Vancouver, Washington State. He could have gone elsewhere in Washington State.

Find Missing Khoi Dang Vu!
The Investigation

At first, law enforcement thought Khoi Dang Vu voluntarily vanished. They believed that he simply wandered from home. But time passed and he was not found. And it was then that they began to investigate his disappearance as a possible crime. Investigators now believe that Vu was a homicide victim. And they suspect that his body was put in a dumpster. And, ultimately, someone transported it to a landfill. In Boardman, Oregon. Investigators have not named any suspects. His disabilities place Vu in danger.

Find Missing Khoi Dang Vu!
Bring Him Home!

Khoi Dang Vu has been missing for ten years. His family are living a nightmare. And he is loved and missed. Someone has information about where this missing man is. And it is time for this individual to talk. So let us share his poster and story freely. Do so until we reach the person with information. Generate new tips and leads! And if you have information? You can call the FBI hotline at: 1-800-CALLFBI (225-5324). Or you can submit a tip to them online. Click here to do so. You also can call the Clark County Sheriff’s Office: (877) 274-6311.

The above photo and additional information are provided courtesy of Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Much of the material on this post was adapted and remixed through The Charley Project. It is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 2.0 License

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