Find Missing Kayla Ellen Camille Unbehaun! ***(UPDATED POSTER)***

Missing Child, Family Abduction

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Find Missing Kayla Ellen Camille Unbehaun!

Find Missing Kayla Ellen Camille Unbehaun!

Find missing Kayla Ellen Camille Unbehaun!
Missing since the Forth of July!
She is caught up in the middle of a custody battle!
She was visiting her noncustodial mother when her mother
Took her and fled with her.
Kayla has been missing for a month now.

Find Missing Kayla Ellen Camille Unbehaun!
Details of Kayla

Find missing Kayla Ellen Camille Unbehaun! Kayla Unbehaun is missing out of South Elgin, Illinois. This child is 9 years old. Some reports give her missing date as July 4, 2017. Others, like this poster above, report her as missing on July 5, 3017. She is a Caucasian female. Kayla is described as 4’4″ tall and she weighs 60 pounds. She has blue eyes and and dark blonde hair. Kayla has no known distinguishing body marks. No scars, piercings, tattoos, or birthmarks are included in her description.

Find Missing Kayla Ellen Camille Unbehaun!
Details of Non-custodial Mother

Heather Unbehaun is the non-custodial mother. This woman is a Caucasian female. Her eyes are blue (or green) and her hair is dark blonde. Heather is 35 years old. Some reports give her last seen date as July 4, 2017. The above poster gives the date as July 5, 2017. The non-custodial mom is described as 5’3″ tall and she weighs 135 pounds. Heather has green eyes. The non-custodial mother has no reported distinguishing body marks. She has no known tattoos, scars, piercings, or birthmarks.

Find Missing Kayla Ellen Camille Unbehaun!

Kayla was visiting her non-custodial mother, Heather Unbehaun. Her father had come back to pick her up when the visit was over. He discovered that Kayla was gone. So was Heather. The father concluded that Heather had taken Kayla and left the area. After this, no one has had any contact with either Kayla or Heather. They may have taken a dog with them. This dog has long golden hair. Heather is believed to be driving a vehicle. It is described as a 2000 Toyota Camry similar to the vehicle in the above poster. It is dark green in color had has an expired Georgia License Plate # PIN3975.

Find Missing Kayla Ellen Camille Unbehaun!
Our Help Is Needed

This child has been missing for a month. Many people have the idea that family abductions are not as serious as other abductions. The assumption is because a parent is responsible, that somehow the child is safe. And so the disappearance need not be taken as seriously. But we know nothing about Heather Unbehaun, the noncustodial mother. If her dad has legal custody, her place is with him. We don’t know the family dynamics. Kayla’s dad wants her back home. Have you seen Kayla? Heather? The vehicle? Call 9-1-1 without delay! Do you have information that can locate them? You are advised to contact Sergeant Mike Doty with South Elgin Police Department. Call him at: (847) 741-2151. Or contact the Bring Our Missing Home, Inc, Tip Line at: (810) 294-4858.
Law Enforcement Report #17-7068
Bring our Missing Home, Inc Case # BOIL170705KU
NCMEC# 1301812

A Facebook page has been set up to bring Kayla home to her dad, her custodial parent. Click here to read the article.

This article confirms that Kayla has been abducted by her noncustodial mother, Heather. Click here to read the article.

The above photo and additional information are courtesy of Bring Our Missing Home, Inc.

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  1. This “father” knew the Mother “briefly” and now wants to ruin the child’s relationship with the Mother. He pushed for custody although he has rarely seen this kid in the 10 years of her life. He needs to stop being so selfish. He demanded to see her and wanted joint custody? Wow. He was a one night stand. That is the reason Heather is missing and Kayla. RUN HEATHER RUN!!


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