Find Missing Joseph Weber!

Missing Veteran, Missing Man, Mysterious Disappearance

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Find Missing Joseph Weber!

Find Missing Joseph Weber!

Find missing Joseph Weber!
He is a missing military veteran and
He suffers from PTSD.
And he has traumatic brain injury.
What happened to Him?

Find Missing Joseph Weber!

Find missing Joseph Weber! Mr. Weber was 28 years old at the time of his disappearance. He lives in Sunnyvale, California. Mr. Weber was last seen on November 24, 2014. He was last seen in San Francisco, California. At the time of his disappearance, Joseph was 28 years old. His current age is 31 years old. His race and ethnicity are unknown. He is described as 6’2″ tall and 190 pounds. It is unknown what Joseph Weber was wearing when he was last seen. There is no description of any distinguishing physical characteristics. Joseph has no known scars, birthmarks, tattoos, or piercings.

Find Missing Joseph Weber!

Joseph Weber is a 28-year-old De Anza College student. He is also an Iraq War veteran. He was reported missing by his family. Mr. Weber left his home in Sunnyvale on November 24, 2014. And he was last seen in San Francisco. The California Highway Patrol found his car in the Golden Gate Bridge employee parking lot. They located it on on November 27th. This is according to police reports. Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety Captain Jeff Hunter says, “At that point we have CHP check surveillance cameras.” He continues, “There are images of him on the bridge with a crowd of people,” Hunger said.

Find Missing Joseph Weber!
More Circumstances

There were clues of what may have happened to Joseph Weber. There are no signs he jumped off the bridge. But there no signs he walked off the bridge either. He has not been seen since. Joseph served two tours in Baghdad as a military police officer. His family is desperately seeking him. He suffers from post traumatic stress disorder(PTSD). And he has a traumatic brain injury he suffered in an explosion while serving overseas. Mr.Weber has concerns over mid term exams in college. He also going through a divorce. His cell phone is off and there is no banking activity.

Joseph Weber’s mother has set up a Facebook page for him. On April 8, 2015, over five months after her son vanished, his mom posted.

Our son Joseph Weber who went missing without a trace 11/24/2014, and is still missing, went to high school with a kid, (and I kid you not), named Joseph Weber. A couple of weeks ago our local Police Lt. called to say that this other Joseph Weber showed up at a VA Hospital and was a Veteran with PTSD. He called to let us know it wasn’t our son.
Well tonight on the news we see that Police here in killed a robber wielding a knife at an attempted robbery. The Police Lt calls to tell us that if we read the news tomorrow, that it is not our son but the other Joseph Weber who was shot by Police. Can’t think of anything else to say right now. frown emoticon. Except for we loose another Veteran whom the VA couldn’t help.

Find Missing Joseph Weber!

Joseph’s family are suffering what they call indescribable pain. They have no idea where their loved one is or if he is alive or dead.
They are experiencing the frustration of believing that the system (the Veteran’s Administration-VA) had failed their son instead of helping him. Added to this they are told incorrect police information about their son being confused with someone else. This family deserve answers. Joseph needs to be brought home. He is somewhere right now. Someone (s) has some piece of information that can find Mr. Weber. Is some (s) you? Do you have any information about the whereabouts of Joseph Weber? If so, refer to contact information below.

Please keep Joseph Weber in your sight and call 9-1-1 or the Sunnyvale Police at (408) 730-7100.
Case ‪#‎CR14‬-8741

A Facebook page has been set up for this missing veteran. Use Facebook? Consider clicking to “like” this page.

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