Find Missing Jonathan Cory Lytle! ***(HAPPY UPDATE: FOUND SAFE!)***


Find missing Jonathan Cory Lytle!
It has been close to five months since was last seen
Cashing a check!
In all that time, there have been no
Suspects, charges, arrests, or convictions.
What happened to Jonathan?

Find Missing Jonathan Cory Lytle!

Find missing Jonathan Cory Lytle! Better known as simply Jon, he was last seen on April 21, 2017. At his disappearance, Jonathan was 27 years old. His current age is sill 27 years old. Jonathan Cory Lytle is a Caucasian male. He is described as 5’11” tall and 160 pounds. His case was entered into NamUs on June 15, 2017. Jonathan was last seen in Panora, Iowa, cashing a check. According to his family, he can be in many parts of the United states. Especially, he could be in Georgia, Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, or North Carolina.

Find Missing Jonathan Cory Lytle!

Jonathan Lytle is described as 5’11 tall and 160 pounds. He has blue eyes. His hair is described as brown and medium-length. At his disappearance, Lytle had a beard and mustache. It is unknown what Jonathan was wearing when last seen. Jonathan has a strawberry birthmark on his upper back. Lytle has multiple tattoos. He has a mole on his right wrist. Lytle has an angel wing tattooed on his back. He has a shamrock with a flag tattooed tattooed on the center on the back of his neck. Jonathan has a gun tattooed on his chest.

Find Missing Jonathan Cory Lytle!
More Descriptions

Jonathan Lytle has even more tattoos.He has the tattoo of a Chinese symbol on the left side of his chest. Lytle has a cross tattooed on his left bicep. He has a tattoo of three dots on the web between his thumb and forefinger. (unknown which) Jonathan has the words “Tristin” and “Tatum” tattooed on each wrist. He has the tattoo of a smiley face on his left buttocks cheek. Jonathan has the tattoo of a pyramid on his right leg above the knee. And he has a cross tattooed on his left leg above his knee.

Find Missing Jonathan Cory Lytle!
According to His Family

HAPPY UPDATE: Jonathan has been found safe! His family posted on their Facebook page set up for him.

Thank you for your continued support in our search for Jonathan. Right now he is home and that is what matters. Please give us time and respect our privacy. Again thank you everyone who has shared, prayed, and searched.

Jonathan’s family made a public appeal on the Timeline of their Facebook page for him. It is dated for August 16, 2017. They love him, miss him, and are desperate to find him.

Hello everyone I’m asking for help to get this pic to Waco, Georgia so please share, share, share. This is Jonathan Lytle and some may or may not know him but his family hasn’t heard from him since April 2017 . He was last seen cashing a check and has disappeared off the face of the earth. His parents and the rest of his family are extremely worried and his mother has a horrible feeling that something has gone terribly wrong for her oldest child. There are something that point to that something really bad might have happened to Jon and we need to find him as soon as possible. To say that his mother Samantha Lytle Beck is a wreck would be putting it lightly at this point. If anyone has seen or heard from or about Jon PLEASE CONTACT HIS MOTHER by CALLING 505-267-1888 or by EMAIL at HELPFINDJONATHANLYTLE@GMAIL.COM OR POST ON Help Find Jonathan Lytle! SOMEONE HAS TO KNOW WHERE HE IS OR WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM IF YOU ARE THAT SOMEONE YOU NEED TO PLEASE SAY SOMETHING SO THAT HE CAN BE REUNITED WITH HIS FAMILY. PLEASE HELP US BY SHARING THIS AND HELPING US GET IT TO GEORGIA. Thank you for your help and please pray that he is found safe.

Find Missing Jonathan Cory Lytle!

The family of Jonathan Lytle are suffering. They don’t know if he is safe. There is nothing worse than not knowing. In all these almost five months, there seem to have been no tips, leads, or new developments. There have been no known suspects, charges, arrests, or convictions. And he has not been found. His the case gotten cold already. Some cases go on for many years and never become truly “cold cases” because there are often new developments. But many others grow cold, it seems, after a few months. Jonathan’s family need help to keep his case from going ice-cold. This is their appeal below.

If you have info or if you see or hear of his possible whereabouts even if you can’t confirm it please contact Samantha at (505)267-1888 or by email @
Additional contacts are Deputy Jeremy Bennett of the Guthrie County Sheriff’s at 641-747-2214 or your local police

Jonathan’s family have set up a Facebook page for his search. Information on this post is courtesy of this page.
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Additional and images, including the top image, are courtesy of Jonathan’s NamUs Database.


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