Find Missing Johnathan Lee Hamilton!

Missing Man, Missing with Medical Needs, Cold Case

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Find Missing Johnathan Lee Hamilton!

Find Missing Johnathan Lee Hamilton!

Find Missing Johnathan Lee Hamilton!

Find missing Johnathan Lee Hamilton!
He has been missing for over two years!
He is missing with Type 1 diabetes and he must have his insulin!
Where is Johnathan and what happened to him?

Find Missing Johnathan Lee Hamilton!

Find missing Johnathan Lee Hamilton! He is from Houston, Texas. Hamilton was last seen on May 2, 2015. Johnathan was last seen in the Best Buy parking lot on Highway 71 in Bastrop, Texas. Hamilton was last seen there on May 4, 2015. Here is a timeline of Johnathan’s disappearance. His family members received a call from Jonathan. But the call came from someone else’s cell phone. They received this phone call on May 5, 2015. After that incident, they never heard from Jonathan.

Find Missing Johnathan Lee Hamilton!

Family received a call from Johnathan from someone’s cell phone on May 5, 2015 and never heard from him again. He was last seen wearing a T-shirt with “EZEKIAL” on the front, blue jean shorts, brown Coleman Brand suede like tennis shoes and possibly a white or cream colored backpack. It is described as “old school” with a draw string. Hamilton has a small scar on right eye and a scar on right hip. Johnathan as Type 1 diabetes. He is a Caucasian male. He is described as 6’2″ and he weighs 210 pounds.

Johnathan is 26 years old. He has brown hair and eyes.

On May 20, 2017, someone added a video to a post that has been pinned to the top of a Facebook page set up for Johnathan.

On February 14, 2017, a family member posted reflections on Johnathan’s disappearance.

My heart is heavy today .Johnathan where ever you may be …..I always believed God sent you to me ….because you kept me on my toes . I have to say I’m getting old but my love and concern for you has never changed .I’m trying my best to find you or what happened to you …..and if I should die without knowing .I may find out then .You missing has torn your little sister up …you two being as close as you were ….has left her feeling very alone , deserted , and just pissed off . She carries alot for a 14 year old . None of us understand , we’re all searching for answers .Some that only you can give .If you’re out there please call it could make all the difference in the world for the people who love you . I don’t believe you just took off to go live a different life . Everything I know says you were coming back. There will come a time when I put the names out there because my heart says they know what happened to you . I wonder if others have disappeared because a person claims to help homeless people ????? And the other one well you’ve always expressed your dislike for them ……we’ve all seen it . I recently found out it’s people you know and family members who are often the reason for someones disappearance and or death .I’ll stop there for now .

Find Missing Johnathan Lee Hamilton!
Please Help Bring Him Home

The family of Johnathan Lee Hamilton are in agony. They want him brought home. Posts on their page indicate that they believe that, in some ways, the system has failed their son. Missing men get the least attention and fewest resources of any missing demographic. Only if foul play is suspected may they get a measure of attention (ex.: the four missing/found deceased young mean in Pennsylvania.). Otherwise, those who care about the missing person are on their own. Someone (s) knows something about Johnathan’s whereabouts. Spread the word to reach this person (s). Have information about where Johnathan Lee Hamilton may be? You are advised to contact the Bastrop Police Department at (512) 332-8600. You can call them at: (512) 332-8603 or 9-1-1. You man mail your tip anonymously at: 104 Grady Tuck Lane, which is in Bastrop, Texas 78602.

A Facebook page has been set for the search of Johnathan Lee Hamilton.

The above images and additional information are courtesy of Our Missing Hearts, Inc..

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