Find Missing John Joseph Kertzie!

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Find Missing John Joseph Kertzie!

Find Missing John Joseph Kertzie!

Find missing John Joseph Kertzie!
He’s believed to be living somewhere as a homeless person.
His family long for his safe return home.
Where is this man?

Find Missing John Joseph Kertzie!

Find missing John Joseph Kertzie! He is better known by his nicknames. These include Scooter, Futon John, and Easy Beats. Kertzie was last seen on April 25, 2017. Missing and Homeless has marked him as missing since December 2016. He was last seen in Portland, Oregon. At his disappearance, John was 31 years old. Kertzie was born in the year 1986. John Joseph Kertzie is described as a Caucasian male. He’s described as approximately 5’8″ and approximately 175 pounds. His hair color is brown, his hairstyle short. John has blue eyes.

Find Missing John Joseph Kertzie!

John Kertzie has his lip pierced. He has a skull tattooed on the inside of his left forearm. He has railroad tracks tattooed on his left hand. On his fingers is a tattoo that reads “Dead head.” Kertzie has scars on his right arm. His hand was burned and grafted. John has a rod and pins in his right leg and femur. He walks with what is described as a limp or swagger.

Find Missing John Joseph Kertzie!

The conflicting missing dates above indicate that John may have gone missing before. But he’s believed to be among those who are the missing homeless. John has lived on and off the grid for over five years. He has suffered from substance abuse in the past. He has always kept in contact with family. In December John had called asking to come home. However as much as they wanted John home his mom just could not afford to bring him home. She told him if he could get away their he was always welcome home. That was the last time John contacted family. His mother has regretted that conversation since. And she blames herself. John’s mom is worried about her son. And she is reaching out to social media in hopes someone sees him.

Find Missing John Joseph Kertzie!
A Mother’s Plea N How We Can Help

Missing and Homeless included a public plea and message to John from his mother. It reads as follows.
” I just want you to know me and your sister love and miss you. We need you to be apart of your lives” It seems that John Kertzie’s is a voluntary disappearance. Or he’s missing under unclear circumstances. It seems like he lives as a missing person, off and on. Just because Kertzie’s disappearance is voluntary doesn’t mean he’s safe.
Every missing person is important and someone’s child. Do you have information that can help find John Joseph Kertzie? If so, contact the Multnoma County Oregon Police Department. Call them at: (503) 823-3333. Have you seen this missing gentleman? Call 9-1-1!

Case #17-220677

If you have any information regarding this case please call 248-212-8195

The above photo and additional information are courtesy of LostNMissing, Inc.,

Additional information is courtesy of the Missing and Homeless Facebook page.

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