Find Missing Jeremy Farris! ***(HAPPY UPDATE: FOUND SAFE!)***

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Find missing Jeremy Farris!
Earlier in the year, his brother had been missing
And was later found deceased.
Jeremy is taking this tragedy hard
And may be headed to the area where his brother was from.

Find Missing Jeremy Farris!

Find missing Jeremy Farris! Jeremiah Farris was last seen on Thursday, November 2, 2017. He had left his girlfriend’s apartment walking on foot. Jeremy had sent a text to his mother. He stated that he was going back to his girlfriend’s to get some clothing. But he never showed up. But he was reportedly later later riding with a friend around 2:00 A.M. According to that friend, Jeremy started acting paranoid. His friend stated that Jeremy got out of the car. Then he started walking on Highway 70 near Arlington, Tennessee. That was the last time Jeremy’s friend saw him.

Find Missing Jeremy Farris!

Other accounts add other details. Jeremy’s friend may not have witnessed the following. Reportedly, Jeremy was jumping out of a vehicle in Arlington, Tennessee. This was near Fred’s Super Dollar. And then he ran into the woods. Reportedly, Jeremy may be suicidal. And he may be headed to Savannah, Tennessee. Earlier this year, in January 2017, Jeremy’s identical twin brother, Joshua Farris, had vanished in Savannah, Tennessee. And he was tragically found deceased in February 2017, several weeks later.

Find Missing Jeremy Farris!
Details and Descriptions

This cause for Joshua’s tragic death was suicide, according to family and friends. And Jeremy has been particularly devastated at his identical twin brother’s suicide. Since Jeremy’s disappearance, there has reportedly been no activity on either of his cell phones. Jeremy Farris is a Caucasian male. He is 32 years of age. Jeremy is described as 5’8″ tall and 200 pounds. His hair is blond and his eyes are described as baby blue in color. When last seen, Jeremy was wearing a burgundy hoodie.

Jeremy Farris has his name “Jeremy” tattooed on his neck. He was last seen wearing a burgundy hoodie and blue jeans. Jeremy also was wearing gray shoes and a gray ball cap. Jeremy has his ears gauged but did not have anything in his ears when he left. He has multiple tattoos.

Find Missing Jeremy Farris!

Sadly, I could not find one result in Internet searches for Jeremy Farris. To find any results, I had to look under his deceased brother’s name. It seems that his brother had received quite a bit more media attention than Jeremy is. I guess it is highly unusual for two brothers to go missing in one year. The family of Jeremy have also tragically lost his twin brother to suicide. Let’s make Jeremy’s story go viral all over the Internet. And may our circulation of his story hep bring him home. Let’s help this family be spared the loss of a second loved one! Someone (s) knows something!

Do you have any information as to the whereabouts of Jeremy Farris? If you do, please contact Shelby County Sheriff’s Office at (901) 222-5800. If you have seen Jeremy, call 9-1-1!

The family had set a Facebook page up, but it is in Joshua’s name, not Jeremy’s. Hopefully, the page will be updated. Use Facebook? Consider clicking to “like” this page.

The top image and additional information are courtesy of Our Missing Hearts, Inc..

The second Image and additional information are courtesy of the AWARE Foundation, Inc.

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