Find Missing Emmanuel Kalief Birts!

Cold Case, Missing Baby

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Find Missing Emmanuel Kalief Birts!

Find Missing Emmanuel Kalief Birts!

Emmanuel Kalief Birts, age-progressed to 26 years. (Photo taken in 2019)

Find Missing Emmanuel Kalief Birts!

Find Missing Emmanuel Kalief Birts!
He has been missing for 27 years!
Where is he?

Find Missing Emmanuel Kalief Birts!
The Facts

Find Missing Emmanuel Kalief Birts! Where is he? He has been missing since September 14, 1989. He was born on August 4. Emmanuel was only four to five weeks old when he went missing. And he has been missing since. As a baby, he was last seen in Dallas, Texas. His missing case is classified as a Nonfamily Abduction. In those days, AMBER ALERTS did not exist. If they had, this may never have become a cold case.

Find Missing Emmanuel Kalief Birts!

Find missing Emmanuel Kalief Birts!When last seen, Emmanuel was described as an even 2’0″ to 2’4″. He weighed between ten to twelve pounds. Upon his disappearance, Emmanuel was wearing a red, white, and blue checkered shirt. And he was wearing light blue shorts. They had red borders and trim. He was wearing red and white socks. Emmanuel is an African_american male. His hair is black, his eyes brown. At the time of his abduction, Emmanuel was being treated for an eye infection.

Find Missing Emmanuel Kalief Birts!

Reportedly, Emmanuel was born at his grandmother’s home. Her home was in Dallas, Texas. But after his birth, he spent seven days at Parkland Memorial Hospital. The baby was released from the hospital on August 11, 1989. And he went to live with his grandmother, Hermane Grady, and his mother, Kisha Birts. Their home was in the 2900 block of east Ledbetter Drive. The abductor of Emmanuel is a woman who calls herself Debra Manning. She claimed to be a social worker.

Find Missing Emmanuel Kalief Birts!
The Abductor

How did Debra Manning come into the picture? Her first visit to the home was on August 12. That is the day after Emmanuel was discharged from the hospital. This woman claimed that she was making a follow-up visit from the hospital. She also told them that Emmanuel had an eye infection. This was indeed true. Manning visited the family again on September 12, two days before Emmanuel was last seen. Debra claimed that it was possible that Emmanuel had been infected with the HIV virus. As Kisha had used drugs during her pregnancy, this explanation made sense.

Find Missing Emmanuel Kalief Birts!
Upon the Abduction

Prior to abducting Emmanuel, Debra made another visit. She came to the house on the evening of September 13. She visited with a letter with a claim from the Child Welfare Program. That letter claimed that the baby needed to go to the hospital. And he needed to get an HIV test. Debra claimed that she had to take Emmanuel immediately. Kisha, the mom, wanted to come along with her baby. But Manning made excuses as to why the mom couldn’t come. And she said she would come and pick up Emmanuel for the test the following morning.

Find Missing Emmanuel Kalief Birts!
Baby Disappears

Emmanuel’s mom, Kisha, wanted to inquire about her baby’s health. So she went to Parkland Memorial Hospital. So she left Emmanuel home with Grady, her own mom and her baby’s grandmother. When Manning first arrived, she claimed that she had to get a car seat for Emmanuel and would be back. And she’d be back in an hour. Debra did come back to the house. Grady allowed her to take Emmanuel with her at 10:00 A.M. Manning did not take the baby’s medication with her. She promised to return by 2:00 P.M. But she never came back. Neither she nor Emmanuel have been seen again.

Find Missing Emmanuel Kalief Birts!
Details N Suspect Description

September 14, at 8:00 P.M., the family reported Emmanuel as missing. Debra Manning is an African-American female. She is in her thirties. Her height is 5’6″ and her weight is 125 pounds. The suspect’s hair appears to be sandy brown. Possibly it is a wig. When she abducted Emmanuel, the suspect wore heavy blue eye shadow. And she spoke with a foreign accent, possibly of African origin. The suspect claimed to own a van. But none of Emmanuel’s family members saw any vehicle.

Find Missing Emmanuel Kalief Birts!
More Suspect Description

The suspect went by the name Debra Manning. This is believed to be an alias. Grady, the grandmother, did know a welfare worker by that name. In any case, Child Protective services, according to reports, had not authorized Emmanuel’s removal from his home–for any reason. The abductor had always worn a white lab coat and surgical pants. Legitimate social workers wear “street clothes.”

Find Missing Emmanuel Kalief Birts!

Investigators believe that suspect may have a history as a con artist. They believe this because of the circumstances of Emmanuel’s abduction. The suspect also had access to the baby’s medical information. Both of Emmanuel’s parents tested negative for HIV. Both of them also took polygraph exams. Neither parents is considered a suspect in Emmanuel’s abduction. The woman with the Debra Manning alias has never been identified. Since the day she abducted Emmanuel in 1989, there has been no sign of her or her victim.

Find Missing Emmanuel Kalief Birts!
Let’s Help Find Him!

This case seems to have been forgotten. I have seen few posts on social media about it. As this suspect is using an alias, she is hard to identify. Somewhere, someone (s) has to know where Emmanuel is and what has happened to him. His original family have been suffering a 27 year nightmare. Long-term abductions have found resolution. Those taken in infancy have been known to be reunited with their original families. Don’t give up on Emmanuel! Let’s share his poster and story. If you have information that can help locate Emmanuel or identify his abductor, refer to the information below.

Investigating Agency
If you have tips concerning please contact:
Dallas Police Department

The above facts and age-progressed image (to age 26) can be found on this Emmanuel Kalief Birts’ Charley Project page. I have adapted and remixed it. And it is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 2.0 License

The top photo and additional information are courtesy of NamUs Database.

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