Find Missing Diamond N Tionda Bradley!

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Find Missing Diamond N Tionda Bradley!

Find Missing Diamond N Tionda Bradley!

Find missing Diamond and Tionda Bradley!!
They have been missing for 16 years!
Longer than their ages when last seen!
Where can they be?

Find Missing Diamond N Tionda Bradley!!
The Older Sister

Find missing Diamond and Tionda Bradley! Tionda is the older sister, born on January 20. She was last seen on July 6, 2001. This means Tionda was ten and a half years old when last seen. This girl was born in Chicago, Illinois. Both her her hair and eyes are brown. At her disappearance, Tionda was 4’2″ tall and weighed 70 pounds. She is an African-American female. This girl has a light complexion. Her build is slim. Tionda wears her hair in ponytails. And she has a burn scar on her left forearm. It’s about the size of a quarter. Upon her disappearance, Tionda was wearing green ponytail holders in her hair. When last seen, she had a scrape on her left cap. She’s described as being shy with strangers. And she thoroughly enjoyed running track and dance.

Find Missing Diamond N Tionda Bradley!
The Younger Sister

Find missing Diamond and Tionda Bradley! Diamond Yvette Bradley is the younger sister. She was born on November 25. Diamond was last seen, like her sister, on July 6, 2001. When last seen, she was three years old. And like her older sister, Diamond was born in Chicago, Illinois. Her hair is black, her eyes brown. Upon her disappearance, Diamond was an even 3’0″ in height and weighed 40 pounds. Diamond is an African-American female. This child has a medium complexion. Her hair is in braided ponytails. Upon her disappearance, Diamond was wearing purple ponytail holders in her hair. On the left side of her scalp, this child has a scar. She’s got deep-set eyes. And she is described as as timid yet thoroughly enjoying talking.

Find Missing Diamond N Tionda Bradley!

Find Missing Diamond N Tionda Bradley!

Find Missing Diamond N Tionda Bradley!

Diamond and Tionda Bradley were last seen on July 6, 2001. Both were reported missing to the Chicago Police Department. The girls were last seen at their family’s home. It is located in the 3500 block of Southlake Park Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. The mother, Tracey Bradley, had left to go to work at approximately 6:30 A.M. Tionda and her younger sister, Diamond, had stayed at the house during the morning. Tracey Bradley had returned home from work at approximately 11:00 A.M. She could not find either of her daughter at home. It seemed that Tionda had left a note. It said that she and Diamond were going to walk to a school and store that was close to the home.

Find Missing Diamond N Tionda!
When They Vanished

What events were transpiring around Diamond’s and Tionda’s disappearances? Tionda was attending summer school at the time. Tionda uses the term “Girl” frequently. She pronounces “bye-bye” as “baby-bye.” But the school told authorities that she was absent on the day of her disappearance. A number of children in the neighborhood that they had seen Diamond and Tionda outside their home. At approximately 12:00 P.M. At that point, neither sister was ever seen again.

Find Missing Diamond N Tionda Bradley!
The Mother

When people go missing, authorities investigate their family members. This is to rule them out as suspects before fanning out to other prospects. And obtain clues as to why their loved ones have gone missing. This, of course, while needed, has to be extremely stressful to already hurting families. Authorities state that Tracey Bradley, mother of Diamond and Tionda, did not cooperate with them in her missing daughters’ cases. They say that she shoved a police officer. He had asked her to go with him to the precinct to talk about leads in March 2002. Authorities placed her in handcuffs. Then they took her to the station. Briefly, she spoke with investigators. Then, after her lawyers arrived at the station, she stopped talking.

Find Missing Diamond N Tionda Bradley!
Further Investigation

We are not told much backstory of Tracey and how related to her daughters prior to their disappearance. But authorities state that Tracey had missed scheduled appointments, in the past, with detectives. Tracey saw a spiritual advisor. He spoke to the media, telling them that offers had violated her rights by forcing her to go with them to the precinct. In response, authorities, Tracey fought physically with them. So they had to restrain her in handcuffs. As a matter of cooperation, Tracey voluntarily took a polygraph exam. This was soon after her daughter went missing. She is not named a suspect in her daughters’ disappearances.

Find Missing Diamond N Tionda Bradley!
The Continuing Investigation

Authorities looked into other family members. They searched the girls’ great-grandfather’s home in Wisconsin. But they found no evidence. Some investigators have developed a theory. Their theory surrounds a North African man, who had paid child support for one of them until the summer of 2001. This is when he had learned that he wasn’t this girl’s father. FBI agents went to Morocco to investigate the lead. They could find no evidence that the Bradley girls had been taken there. Police believe that Tionda would have gotten in touch with loved ones, if able. Thus they believe that these two sisters are either deceased or have been taken outside the country.

Find Missing Diamond N Tionda Bradley!
A Connected Case?

Cases often are solved by making connections with other cases. In the case of the Bradley sisters, authorities had located a young girl. She had matched Diamond’s description. This event was in November 2001. That child was lost. And investigators, wanting that girl to get identified, asked Tracey to identify the girl. The mother refused, reports say. She did arrive at the precinct and said that the child was not Diamond. The girl eventually was identified and and brought home to her family.

In another instance, human remains were found and they belonged to a girl believed to be in her early teens. They were found in the industrial area. It was located on the far south side of Chicago. That was near the railroad tracks in April 2005. Authorities had, at first, believed that these remains belonged to Tionda. But scientists examined the remains. It was determined that this body probably belonged to a Caucasian or Hispanic girl. Thus the Bradley sisters’ case remains unsolved.

NCMEC Update:

Diamond’s photo is shown age-progressed to 14 years, today she is 19, and Tionda’s photo is shown at 23 years, today she is 26. Both children were last seen in #Chicago, #Illinois on July 6, 2001. Diamond has a scar on the left side of her head in her hairline. Tionda has a quarter sized scar on her left forearm.

Anyone with information is urged to call 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678) or the Chicago Police Department (Illinois) – 1-312-747-5789 or Federal Bureau of Investigation (Illinois) 1-312-421-6700 with any information.

Find Missing Diamond N Tionda Bradley!
We Can Help

This is Mother’s Day week. This day is a difficult time for many people. It will be so for the family of the Bradley sisters. Just as it will be for many families of the missing. Let’s show them that they aren’t forgotten.
Let’s share these sisters’ posters and story far and wide. Someone knows something! And that someone is not talking. Let’s circulate this case until we reach the person (s) who has this information. Do you have information that can help locate Diamond and Tionda Bradley? You can contact the Chicago Police Department at: (312) 745-6007 Or you can contact the local Chicago FBI office at: (312) 431-1333. There are many options for contacting the FBI.

The FBI is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to locating Diamond and Tionda Bradley.

You can submit a tip to the FBI online. Click here to do so.

Call in your tip: 1-800-CALLFBI (225-5324)

Locate your local FBI field office: Click here to do so.

The top photo and updated age-progressed images are courtesy of National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

The above photos and additional details of the sisters’ disappearances are provided courtesy of Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The information about the circumstances of these sisters’ disappearances is found on the Charley Project page for these two girls. I have adapted and remixed it. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 2.0 License

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