Find Missing Cynthia Ann Harston!

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Find Missing Cynthia Ann Harston!

)Find Missing Cynthia Ann Harston!

Find missing Cynthia Ann Harston!
She is better known as Cyndi.
She has been missing for five years.
She has received no publicity.
Her family love her and they miss her.
Cynthia has a life that matters.
Every missing person is equally important.

Find Missing Cynthia Ann Harston!

Find Missing Cynthia Ann Harston! She is better known as Cyndi. Cyntha is 38 years old. She lives in Splendora, Texas. Cynthia is considered an endangered missing person. No details are given. She was last seen to her residence by her family. It is located off Southland Drive in Splendora, Texas. She has been missing since the year 2012. Cynthia may possible travel to Houston, Texas (Southeast area especially). She may travel to Lufkin, Texas or to New Caney, Texas. Cynthia may be headed to Memphis, Arkansas (Western area especially.)

Find MIssing Cynthia Ann Harston!

Cyndi’s niece posted several years in about the year 2014 on Facebook. I could not find even one result in Internet searches, for Cynthia Ann Harston. If it were not for this one result on Facebook, the below post by Cyntha’s niece, There would be nothing I could do with her story. This woman is loved and missed. Someone wants her home. Cynthia Ann Harston is a Caucasian female. She was last seen wearing maroon tank top with blue jean shorts. She was wearing no shoes. She is 5’1″ tall and weighs approximately 130 pounds. She has brown eyes and brown hair. Below is her niece’s post and, in her words and in italics.

Find Missing Cynthia Ann Harston!
According to Her Family

PLEASE HELP! My family and I have been trying to find my aunt for a couple years now. Unfortunately, jail records from 2008 was the only thing we were able to find about her. We NEED to find her. Her son was killed in a car accident April 6, 2016 and her husband passed away July 17th, 2017. Times have been tough for our family, especially her daughter. Losing her brother and her dad was bad enough, she needs to find her mom to have some clarity and to hold onto her. Please share. Anything helps. This post has been made public. If you have seen, talked to, or know any whereabouts concerning my aunt, please contact me. Thank y’all so much.
Her name is Cynthia Ann Harston but goes by Cyndi. She’s 5’1 around 130 pounds, brown eyes and brown hair. Is known to be in the areas of Southeast Houston, the heights in Houston, Lufkin, texas, new caney, texas and West Memphis, AR

Find Missing Cynthia Ann Harston!

I have never heard of Cynthia’s case until recently, as of the year 2017. You may not have heard of it either, This is because her case has received so little publicity. It seems that her disappearance is voluntary. And if it is treated as such, she is not going to get much attention. Runaway children and teens often get attention, but not adults. According to her niece, Cynthia has gone through much sorrow in her life. She has even faced every parent’s worst nightmare: the loss of a son. Harston’s family have been looking for her for a couple of years. She is loved and missed. And there are possible locations where she may be located.

Any information on the above missing person should contact: Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office at 936-760-5800.
CASE#: 17A242151 NIC #: M274079972

Additional information is courtesy of Cynthia Ann Harston’s niece Ashley Law.

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