Find Missing Cloudia Leslie Wells!

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Find Missing Cloudia Leslie Wells!

Find Missing Cloudia Leslie Wells!

Find missing Cloudia Leslie Wells!
Sightings of her have been confirmed.
Can she be living as a homeless person?
Her daughter won’t give up looking for her!

Find Missing Cloudia Leslie Wells!

Find missing Cloudia Leslie Wells! When she disappeared, she was classified as an Endangered Missing case. She goes by her middle name, Leslie. It is also her nickname. She is missing out of San Diego, California. Wells is a Caucasian female. Cloudia was last seen on April 10, 1998. Missing for 21 years! Upon her disappearance, Cloudia was 45 years old. She was born on October 10. But her daughter states that she was actually born on August 10. Now she is 66 years old. She stands about 5’0 to 5’2. And she weighs around 145 to 155 pounds. Both her hair and eyes are brown.

Cloudia had originally gone missing from Maryville, Illinois. That was in 1995, three years before her 1998 disappearance. Her daughter had reported her as a missing person. But her mom was never entered into the system.

Help Find Missing Cloudia Leslie Wells!

Cloudia Leslie Wells goes by multiple aliases. These include Diana or Diane. She may use her middle name, Leslie. It is believed that Wells may use up to 20 aliases. This missing mom lives with medical conditions. Cloudia has a heart condition But her daughter doubts that she does. And she has paranoid schizophrenia. She needs medication for both. On April 10, 1998, this mom had left the YMCA shelter. She had lived there. Wells had gone to the Veteran’s Administration (VA) hospital to pick up her medication for her heart condition. Cloudia was carrying two dollars cash and bus tokens then. But she never showed up at the VA hospital. Never did she go back to the YMCA shelter. And since then, she has been missing.

It is doubtful that Wells actually had an appointment at the VA. According to her daughter, Ms. Wells is not a veteran.

Find Missing Cloudia Leslie Wells!

Find Missing Cloudia Leslie Wells!

Find Missing Cloudia Leslie Wells!

Find Missing Cloudia Leslie Wells!

Find Missing Cloudia Leslie Wells!
Family Descriptions

Cloudia’s family provide much information. They want the public to have enough information to find their loved one. They describe her as bright and having street smarts. Her I.Q. is high. According to them, she has traveled all over the U.S. And she has a history of leaving for months at a time. And then she’ll resurface. However, after she went missing in 1998, they never heard from her again.
In 2013, the Los Angeles Times did an article spotlighting Santa Monica (California)’s homeless population.

Find Missing Cloudia Leslie Wells!

There have been suspected sightings of Wells. In the 2013 Los Angeles Timesarticle, the missing mom’s family took note of an included photo. Robin Wells Burton, the missing mom’s daughter, took a look at it and read the article. Was the woman in the photo her mother? Robin wondered. The Los Angeles Times had interviewed the woman in the photo. According to her, she had lived in the streets for 16 years. This was as long as Wells had been missing. And the name she gave was one of the aliases Wells used.

Find Missing Cloudia Leslie Wells!
Living As A Homeless Person?

Well’s daughter, Robin Wells Burton, investigated further. She learned that her mom had stayed in different California homeless shelters. And the shelters listed Burton as an emergency contact. In mid-2014, someone had used Well’s Social Security number. This was the first time her SS# had been used since she went missing. Wells’ daughter believes is alive. And Burton suspects that her mom left clues so her family could find her. Could Cloudia have disappeared voluntarily? It’s believed she may have done so.

There is something else. Does this missing mom want to be contacted by her family? It is believed that she may not. But the location of Cloudia Leslie Wells hasn’t been confirmed. Nor has her well-being. It has been confirmed that Cloudia Leslie Wells lives in Columbia, Missouri.
That is, she has been living there since she disappeared. According to the May 1, 2017 article, Cloudia has more health issues than when she had vanished in 1998. This may change her appearance.

On Mother’s Day, May 14, 2017, the daughter of this missing mom posted on Facebook.

Find Missing Cloudia Leslie Wells!
We Can Help

The family of Cloudia Leslie Wells have never stopped looking for her. Despite these reports, they don’t have peace. For there has been no way to verify their loved one’s well being. Is she safe? They have no way of knowing. Her medical conditions make her vulnerable. Let’s help the family of Cloudia Leslie Wells. Share her story and poster freely. If you have seen this missing mom, call 9-1-1 without delay! Have information that can help find Cloudia? Contact the the San Diego Police Department at: (619) 531-2845 or (619) 561-2277.

Case Number: 98-024254 NCIC #: M113307179 NamUs MP #: 7769

An article was written on May 1, 2017. Just today! A reward has been offered for information that can locate Cloudia Leslie Wells. But the dollar amount isn’t given. Click here to read the article.

The above poster and additional information are provided courtesy of LostNMissing, Inc.

Additional photos of Cloudia are found on her Charley Project webpage. So is the additional information. I have adapted and remixed it. They are licensed under a
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