Find Missing Charles Lee Toliver!

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Find Missing Charles Lee Toliver!

Find Missing Charles Lee Toliver!

Find missing Charles Lee Toliver!
He is better known as Charlie.
He has been missing for over 18 years.
It was mysterious how he disappeared.
His parents traveled to check on him
After receiving an odd phone call
And he was gone!

Find Missing Charles Lee Toliver!

Find missing Charles Lee Toliver! Charles has been missing since February 4, 2000. He is missing from Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Toliver is classified as an endangered missing person. He was born in the year 1969. At the time of his disappearance, Charlie was 30 years old. His current age is 47 years old. Charles Lee Toliver is a Caucasian male. He is described as 5’8″ tall and 140 pounds. Toliver has red hair and blue eyes. IT is believed that Toliver may have a mustache, beard, or goatee. On the upper part of one of his legs, Toliver has a car tattoo. His ears are pierced. Toliver’s nickname is Charlie. Charlie has a tattoo of a dragon on one of his ankles. On one of his shoulders, he has an additional shoulder.

Charlie Toliver is classified as disabled. His family believe that he suffers from mental illness, possibly bipolar disorder.

Find Missing Charles Lee Toliver!

It was February 4, 2000 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Toliver was last seen at this time and location, ever to be heard from again. Before he went missing, Toliver lived with Ernie Lee “Tony” Luhellier. The men bought three houses in the 1800 block of Glenwood Avenue in Knoxville, Tennessee. They lived in one house and bought two houses across the street. The men planned to fix up the house and sell them at a profit. But they never actually did so. Eventually, Luhellier moved out of the house he shared with Toliver. And he moved into one of the houses they bought across the street. Then he reportedly claimed his interest in the older house to Toliver.

Find Missing Charles Lee Toliver!
Parent Welfare Check

Charlie Toliver sold the house to Edward J. McGimsey for $45,000. In Clinton Tennessee in late 1999, Charles moved in with McGimsey. And in 2000, he renewed his driver’s license. He gave his address as Luhellier’s residence. Luhellier had told Charles’ parents that their son had been in a violent argument with McGimsey. It left holes in the walls and bloodstains. Afterwards, Toliver’s parents went to Clinton to check on Toliver on February 6, 2000. When they got to McGimsey’s residence, Toliver’s parents found no holes in the wall. Nor did they find bloodstains or any other signs of a fight. And there was no telling where their son was.

Find Missing Charles Lee Toliver!

Charles Toliver had taken none of his belongings with him. But the dog was also missing. McGimsey claimed that Toliver had left on February 4 to see friends in Atlanta, Georgia. And he claimed that he’d dropped Charles off at the first rest area on Interstate 75. that was located at the Tennessee/Georgia border. And his Atlanta friends were supposed to pick him up him there. Allegedly, Toliver was carrying $200 in cash. After another two weeks passed without his parents hearing from him, they reported him missing. About a month after Charles was reported missing, Luhellier brought his mail to his parents.

Find Missing Charles Lee Toliver!
A Lead?

It was revealed that some of the letters were addressed to Toliver at Luhellier’s home address. Reportedly, some of them were return mail bearing address-forwarding labels to places where Toliver’s parents state that he never lived. On the address-forwarding labels, two of the towns listed were towns where Luhellier was allegedly lived before. However, he was convicted of burglary and statutory sodomy in Missouri. This occurred after Toliver disappeared. He was sent to prison; a teenage girl was his victim. He was required to register as a sex offender, but he never did. And his current whereabouts are unknown. McGimsey still lives in Tennessee.

At the time of his disappearance, Toliver’s only source of income was his $512 monthly disability check. Toliver had previously spent time in prison for theft. According to his family, the police had not properly investigated his disappearance. They believe police were prejudiced because of Toliver’s prison record and homosexuality. His case remains unsolved.

Find Missing Charles Lee Toliver!

Had the system failed Charles Toliver? His parents believe so. The system seems to fail many missing missing people when the circumstances of their lives or their choices are stigmatizing. In Charlie’s case, it was homosexuality, using Social Security Disability, and mental illness that have worked against him. But a quick search of the the Facebook page set up for him proved that Charlie’s family and community love him, miss him, and want answers. Charles Toliver and his family have already missed at least 18 Christmases with one another. Will they miss a 17th? Someone knows what happened to Charles Toliver. Do you know anything about the whereabouts of Charles Lee Toliver? Can you identify the person (s) responsible for his disappearance?

Do you have any information? Please contact the Anderson County Sheriff’s Department at: (885) 463-6884 or: (885) 457-2414. You may call 9-1-1 or your local police.

Charlie’s family have set up a Facebook page for him, titled Help find Charlie Toliver. Use Facebook? Consider clicking to “like” this page.

The above information is found on CHarles Lee Toliver’s Charley Project Page. I have adapted and remixed it. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 4.0 International License.
The above image is courtesy of LostNMissing, Inc.

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