Find Missing Beverly Sharpman!

Missing Teen, Mysterious Disappearance, Cold Case

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Find Missing Beverly Sharpman!

Find Missing Beverly Sharpman!

Find missing Beverly Sharpman!
This teen has been missing for 70 years!
She has been missing longer than many of us
Have been in this world.
She would be almost 86 years old now.
Where is Beverly?
What happened to her?

Find Missing Beverly Sharpman!

Find missing Beverly Sharpman! She went missing as a teen girl. It was since September 11, 1947, that she was last seen. The teen was 16 when she disappeared. She was born on December 19 and would be almost 86 years old now. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is where Beverly is missing from. Beverly has been classified as an Endangered Runaway. Upon her disappearance, Beverly was 5’3 and weighed 135 pounds. Her nickname is Babe. When she was last seen, Beverly was wearing a gray or brown suit or dress. She was wearing flesh-colored stockings and brown or black shoes. And she was wearing earrings. Beverly is a Caucasian female.

Find Missing Beverly Sharpman!

It was September 11, 1947. Beverly was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The day before she went missing, Beverly seemed to be troubled. The teen told her mother that she had something to tell her. Then she changed her mind and decided not to share her secret with her mother. And her mom did not challenge her. Beverly had attended Overbrook High School to register for her senior year classes the next day. And she vanished. When last seen, Beverly was carrying a suitcase at the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad STation. This was at 24th and Chestnut Streets.

Find Missing Beverly Sharpman!

The following may be why Beverly was classified as an Endangered Runaway. The evening of her disapperance, she sent a telegram to her parents. It read: “Got married. Leaving town. Will not be back. Don’t worry. Babe.” Authorities learned that Beverly had withdrawn $173 from her savings account. Then she quit her clerking job. And she told her co-workers that she was going to Chicago, Illinois. Investigators checked marriage license bureaus. But they found no evidence that Beverly was married as she stated in her telegram. In addition, her loved ones stated that she was not dating anyone at the time of her disapperance.

Find Missing Beverly Sharpman!
Over the Years

What happened over the years? There were many reported sightings of Beverly. These sightings were in cities all over the United States. And they were reported after September 1947. None of these sightings have been confirmed. Beverly’s parents published advertisements in newspapers. They appealed to her to contact them. But she never did. One theory is that she ran away because of a pregnancy out of wedlock. Such pregnancies carried a heavy social stigma in the 1940’s. But, reportedly, there is no evidence that supports this. During the days when she was young, times were different. And her story has to be interpreted in a historical context.

Find Missing Beverly Sharpman!
How We Can Help

It is highly unusual for a teen runaway to vanish completely. And it’s rare for such runaways to never contact their loved ones again. That is the apparent case with Beverly. But why does her classification remain Endangered Runaway after 70 years? It makes no sense. Her parents are both deceased. Police have lost contact of her brother. Authorities are still keeping her case open and investigating. Even though her parents are dead, there are no doubt others who are alive and want answers. And Beverly needs justice. Something happened to this “runaway.” Spread the word about her disappearance. Generate fresh tips and leads!

Have information that can solve Beverly’s disappearance? Call the Philadelphia Police Department. Call them at: (215) 685-3252 or 9-1-1.

This image is courtesy of Beverly Sharpman’s NamUs database.

The above information can be found on Beverly Sharpman’s Charley Project page. I have adapted and remized it. And it is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 2.0 License

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